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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/veteran-launches-gofundme-campaign-to-help-fund-border-wall A triple amputee U.S. military veteran says he was inspired to raise money for President Trump’s U.S.-Mexico border wall after reading a New York Post article that questioned why no one had taken up the mantle. In just three days, Brian Kolfage’s GoFundMe campaign, “We The People Will Fund The Wall,” has racked up more than $2 million from more than 34,000 people, with a goal of raising $1 billion. "If the 63 million people who voted for Trump each pledge $80, we can build the wall," the page re
  2. https://cis.org/Report/Welfare-Use-Legal-and-Illegal-Immigrant-Households Are you okay with this? Really? You don't mind paying out of your pocket, or your children's pockets for this? You like paying more taxes? Would you mind if it was 62% of Republicans who was getting welfare?............
  3. Damn liberals and their guns...............https://www.cbs46.com/news/members-of-new-black-panther-party-seen-holding-guns-stacey/article_26a9ee9a-e0e5-11e8-80f3-db8cefa9eefc.html?fbclid=IwAR0BiaOT-pDP-cjGT21KBgOU9EFCUkwwhZ2HI7xLJS6AHwXnD0WFSFwh8j0
  4. Democrats are the reason that Steve Scalise was shot. It's all their fault...................................... See how that works?
  5. Some women accused Kavanaugh of horrible acts. NO ONE PROVE A DAMN THING. Not one. Abrams burned our flag, like it or not. BTW, as a female, I don't condone believing another woman just because she's a woman.
  6. https://www.statista.com/chart/6949/the-us-cities-with-the-most-homeless-people/ Liberal havens....
  7. Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said the alleged “blue wave” Democrats are expecting in the 2018 midterm elections is filled with “documented and undocumented” voters. https://dailycaller.com/2018/10/12/stacey-abrams-georgia-illegal-voters/
  8. At this moment, President Trump has helped EVERYONE, without picking favorites. This is NOW. You seem to have to go back in time to find things the Democrats did. Democrats are now focusing on illegals. They seem to think they blacks in line... There is NO reason to pick and choose winners, when everyone that is in the U.S. legally have all the same rights. Unless you think one group is stupid. Unless you think having jobs, less taxes is somehow discriminating against certain races, it's a good time to be American.
  9. Cowa seems to be the only openly avowed racist here. Hey Cowa, white people have the same struggles that any other AMERICAN has. And, most blacks have been here for many decades, voting Democrat. Democrats that have promised blacks the world but never delivers. Why, because there is only one magic bullet to get ahead here, and anywhere in the world. Work. We all are in that same boat. BTW, there are more poor whites than blacks, do they need the same 'help' that you demand?
  10. Someone kills people with a knife, someone kills people with a car, someone kill people with a bomb, someone kills people with a plane, it's the killer's fault. Why is it the fault of an inanimate object when someone kills people with a gun? Seriously, why?
  11. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/donald-trump-hat-china/ Are Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” Caps Made in China? While some hats sold by third parties that support Donald Trump are made in China, the campaign's official merchandise is "proudly made in USA". 10.ARE YOUR PRODUCTS AMERICAN MADE? All of our products are 100% proudly made in the USA. https://shop.donaldjtrump.com/pages/contact-the-campaign
  12. https://www.dol.gov/ Great news!
  13. with President Trump as President. Taxes, jobs. Yes, we are. Yes, you can cheer the new socialist elected if you want to pay more taxes and have someone else in control of your every move, since most in charge believe you haven't the brains to run your own life.
  14. You're not seen in high regard (or any regard) with the Democrats if you have ANY different opinion than their manifest. Hitler would be proud. I'm waiting to see if they can get any more disgusting.
  15. It's good that the Democrats are finally off their butts and fighting for the American people. OH WAIT.....
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