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  1. Look like you need to re-aquaint yourself with the Post 2 primary election results. More voters decided to come towards the light than vote to remain in the dark with Todd... Just saying...
  2. Bandito's. Best mole sauce I ever had. Jesse's (the owner) mom made it.
  3. Last year my assessed value went up ALOT around 30%, but it reflected what homes were selling for in my neighborhood. A mixed blessing really to see home prices finally going back up to what they were prior to the recession. This year's increase was only 6%. My next door neighbor's home got a contract within one day of it listing. A good sign.
  4. I vote a split ticket but will vote for the R candidate for Governor.
  5. Several others that didn't win in the past were offered pretty lucrative contracts and have gone on to have successful music career. I am hopeful that will happen to him as well.
  6. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Jerry will be able to send some much needed dollars to Paulding for our roads...
  7. How about all the illiegals and at least Chuck and Nancy too....
  8. Nope. Just telling you how I feel.. I have little to zero sympathy for illegals. A country that refuses to protect its borders and enforce its laws ceases to be a country. I can't help it if people, like his wife, failed to think about the what ifs of marryinhg someone here illegally. I guess you feel badly for the illegal immigrant that was driving drunk, no licence, etc and hit and killed a family friend's son in Arizona...
  9. His wife should have thought about the implications and problems that would arise from marrying an illegal alien before marrying and having kids with him.
  10. He had a fake license and had already been .deported once and illegally crossed the border to retutn to the US He is a criminal. Him and his criminal parents need to be sent home pronto.....
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