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  1. https://www.gofundme.com/cone-house-fire
  2. Thank you for your offers. We are okay. Not 100% on how it started. My niece started a go fund me page and we were very blessed with donations so we are doing good. Our community is wonderful.
  3. My house caught on fire last Tuesday night. We were not at home at the time the fire started therefore my 3 dogs were in the house. I arrived at my house right after the fire fighters had arrived. Their first priority was rescuing my dogs. They worked very hard to locate all three of them. They found one still alive and one that had died. My third dog is still missing. It is believed he is somewhere in the house however it is not safe to look for him at this time. Our fire dept was awesome! They took such good care of us. I have never seen them fight a fire up close ( I don't want t
  4. I tend to agree with you. But the parents decided to move forward.
  5. Nope this year we made $1500 off the sign board. We did have expenses this year that is why we didn't pay the building payment.
  6. He was talking about the football sponsor board that faces the road. The sign on the building belongs to the school.
  7. That is correct. The booster club membership voted to disband on Monday. This loan shouldn't have ever been approved. It was bad loan from the start. The booster club could never afford it.
  8. We tried to come to an agreement. Basically the bank told us no. We asked them to drop the balance down to $150,000 and fix it for 10 yrs at an interest rate of 5%. That would have been a $1595 payment and the loan would have had an end in site. We were told no. We even offered to name the field house after the bank. They wouldn't bend.
  9. Where did you get that information? The booster club paid over $238,000 since the inception of the loan. I know because I was the treasurer of the booster club. I personally wrote a check every month in 2015 and the person before me paid every month. in 2008-2012 the loan was not paid every month. There were times that they would make a lump sum payment of $20,000 but from 2013-2015 the loan was paid on time every month. In 2016 we simply didn't have the money to make all the payments due to a lack of fundraising. The bank has no recourse on the building. The building is owned by the s
  10. Nope, since the club has disbanded there is no money to repay the loan,
  11. The booster club voted last night to disband.
  12. The booster club never asked for a bail out. The principal for east ask the school board for the bail out. Several booster board members spoke at the meeting asking the school board not to pay for it.
  13. NO The taxpayers on not on the hook. The school board made that point clear.
  14. The booster club has always struggled to pay the loan. Fundraising has gotten harder and harder and to be honest yes funds have dried up a bit. It was a bad loan from the start. The whole story was told at the school board meeting last week. You should watch it.
  15. Do you really think we haven't tried to get the bank to wipe the debt away. We have tried everything and the bank won't negotiate. They want their money. Back in 2014 before the loan was resigned we tried everything to get the bank to compromise with us. The answer was always NO
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