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  1. If not all were christaon, I know what a Star of David looks like, I have router which canare a crescent moon and star, and if nothing than I shall hang a thank you note on a single stake.
  2. I happen to have some spare time, nails and lumber. Anyone that would like to join me in placing 79 crosses at a local city venue let me know. I will not let fallen hero's local or otherwise be disgraced. If the city has a problem I will place a discreet campaign message on each cross. Now who is with me? If they remove them I will continue to place them until I am detained.
  3. FYI no notes sent home. School administrators admitted to not sending anything home.
  4. So a friend of my son's has received a new haircut due to lice. The friend's mother calls the school to notify them,being a good parent and guess what? Administration tells her they have known about this problem at the school since last Wednesday and we're going to notify parents maybe tomorrow or Friday. What the hell? The school knew about an epidemic of lice and waits well over a week to notify parents. Fail,Fail,FAIL. Sarah Ragsdale school staff failed the kids, failed, the parents,and failed the community as voting happened yesterday there.
  5. Landfill wouldn't be allowed, it would kill those minnows. Honestly if I owned that property and wanted it developed, I'd look at a resort. A true resort. High dollar stuff that would utilize small delta planes from Hartsfield Jackson and that way everyone but the hunters profit. Nothing against hunters I myself am a supporter of it but I'd rather something useful than another strip mall.
  6. Well it was only a matter of time. Though I'm curious about what is going to happen with the wma lease. Very interesting.
  7. Pay for internet, use netflix, chrome cast or the like, and you get a wireless router for your home. We have comcast and though netflix runs slim at times for good adult programming, the little gets good variety and plus I enjoy watching the wild kratts, pokemon and curious george too. So for forty a month we get movies tv shows and wifi.
  8. Closed, smyrna is closing real soon along with Marietta.
  9. Please do not deter good buyers from southern trace/sunset mountain, we need good people buying, not selling. Rockmart is decent out towards fish creek, up Vinson mountain towards Paulding county, and back towards the big cattle ranches.
  10. I have no problem with kids that live at home, it is the lazy ones that cost more than they contribute, either monetarily or with the swear of their brow that are problematic.
  11. See what happens when you rely on autocorrect.
  12. Statistically jury should be about 53% black. Have no doubt they will get a conviction. Life sentence for him. Douglasville is a lot different now. Earl is gone and most of his cronies are too. Phil is not running again, and me thinks Chris is out real soon.
  13. Eric E. never liked Trump, Eric called Trump's run preposterous when he announced. That is paraphrased but real close. I think Eric is full of it himself most of the time anyways, though he is very informed, so I listen to his show almost daily.
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