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  1. About as much as yours is, I mean when I knew her they still prosecuted for adultery and sodomy. Might be a hell of an engineer but you don't put my family in the mix, without bringing yours too.
  2. There are two kinds of checking, one is a probable general idea, the other costs money but keeps you from just throwing parts at it. If you use the chain stores google that code with symptoms and make model of vehicle, look at what other people have experienced, usually works ok. Spend a couple of hundred and a mechanic hooks it to a ten thousand dollar piece of equipment and narrows it down real quick.
  3. So wife driving 60mph north on hwy 101/113 this morning, pcso in marked cruiser following less than recommended space. He crosses double yellow and hits his blue lights, passes her turns lights off and continued to accelerate, within a half mile he is beyond her sight as the road straightens over the creek. She figured he turned somewhere until she catches back up at old Yorkville, where she seen him do the same to the car he was behind. And yet another criminal gets to do whatever they choose to do, while a third grader gets handcuffed around his biceps. What a country. Thank god every one kn
  4. I hope none of you that are making assumptions consider yourself Christian. Think the savior acted the same towards others. If you are so worried about what a plight these people cause your wonderful county then give them all you have. You people kill me with the rhinking that homeless people are such a burden or are all a bunch of scam artists. I want the shriners to stop messing up intersections. They only give about 1% to the hospital that is donated anyways. But since half of You crying about vagrants are mason you don't see a double standard.
  5. Id kill that sob. Touch my kid if you want pigs. We'd get up some bacon quick.
  6. They do serve and protect. They serve you bogus warrants and protect each other from prosecution.
  7. Police are tyrants. They are judge, jury, and executioner. They kill an innocent and don't care. Let one of them get killed and the country cries foul. Double standards apply people. The Jews thought that it would blow over in the thirties, see how well that worked for them.
  8. If police will lie about shooting a dog, you can damn sure believe they will do it with shooting people. F'ing disgusting.
  9. Call the sheriff's back out next time he is on your property, then let them know you want a warning given so that the following time you can have him/her arrested for criminal trespass. If that doesn't work file a civil suit. Spray about five gallons of round up on disputed property and no more mowing. Definitely get a security system.
  10. Thanks for posting, basically in my backyard. Do you know if they got the Fox or not.
  11. Ok EZ, you break the law you pay the penalty correct? Why are so many police officers let off with warnings when they break the law. The ones that are charged with a crime are let off with such minimal punishment if found guilty. Very few people do not break some law everyday. My neighborhood has at least a dozen law enforcement officers within it and yet cars speed in excess of 15 miles an hour and run stop signs. Not only is it overlooked by the LEO residents they themselves are guilty of it. I believe their lack of enforcing laws is a violation of their oath. I'll stop having a problem
  12. Alright, enough African American white black crap. I agree that if Bruce can be a girl then white can be black and vice versa. As a matter of fact I don't consider myself white or Caucasian, I am an American, that is my race. I fill that in on the other category. I had a white friend who was African American. His father was from south Africa and mother from the states. He was whiter than me in terms of shades of skin color. All this racial divide is brought to you by a bunch of media and government types. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Think I feel sick hearing people argue injustice
  13. Screw a thin blue line. Right is right, wrong is wrong. No one is above the law, no one should be given a pass because of their job. No one, not one dang person. Otherwise what is good for the goose is good for the gander. TP I admire your firm dedication to your beliefs. I know we both can agree that cops do what they want because they carry a piece of pot metal around. They don't carry official id, just a department issued card. Bet you nine out of ten wore their uniform in their drivers license picture too. Like a group of high school bullies most of them are. And they cry foul so much it i
  14. To hell with it, let the police have m4's with m203's attached. Give each precinct a predator drone and a squadron of ah64's. We trust them so much don't we. For real crime prevention lets let the police use mines and tanks. Why the hell not, right? I mean if they don't go to far as it is, and it is all the suspects fault than if they get killed from depleted uranium or armor piercing 20mm ammunition from ge gatlin guns so be it. Arm then cops properly. They can serve justice up real good then.
  15. Dr. Camp in villa rica. The best dentist in the world. The best. Never in my thirty years as his patient have I heard nor had a problem.
  16. E Z, you keep buying those Chinese products though don't you? Let me tell you about my Union, I make 29.90 an hour on my check, I have another 20 or so dollars for a package. The package includes, pension, retirement, and health benefits. I have to work 10 years to be vested for retirement, and that is accumulating 1700 work hours annually. To gain full retirement I must have 30 years of service plus my age equaling 95. I get 7 days off a year without needing to request. Any day I miss is without pay. No vacation, no sick days, or pto. To get this I had to start at 10 dollars an hour without b
  17. El zorro, you can buy what you want, employ whom you want, hire those that make you happy, I prefer to stay true to the Red, White, and Blue. I drive a Toyota Tacoma, built in Texas. Could have bought a Union made vehicle from a Union state. My wife refused me the Ford raptor, so the Tacoma was my next choice. You see I wouldn't buy something where the labor was not paid for a fair days work. Don't think I like the idea of someone getting rich while forgetting those that made it possible.
  18. While some believe that unions are no longer needed and have served their purpose, others believe our nation's nuclear weapons program should be done away with. How many believe both things are antiquated ideas? Thought I'd throw that out there. I still see the need for both. As a wage earner I know that those of us on the bottom will only survive with unity, that is where strength comes from. People bash what the upper echelons of unions make but fail to say anything about what their non union big company execs make. The big difference is I have a better chance of running a Union than I d
  19. Umm, maybe my sentence structure could have been better. Non union companies love illegals. Unions love legals. Clearer now? Go call mitzi from sundial, she wants to do away with plumbing licenses in Georgia so that she can use illegals.
  20. Well I hope he can truly go fuc? himself now. I have zero care what he looks like as a transsexual guy or the rest of the people that think they are trapped inside of the wrong sex. Sissies every one of em. Think I'd like to drink a six pack of alpha male with my buddies while watching a herd of Chihuahuas chew on the candy butts of all these crazies.
  21. For you open shop boys, yeah my training is not just better it is the best. The big corporations know it hence we get the work. We have standards that exceed local and state standards. Our safety program for the United Association of pipefitters, welders, plumbers, service technicians and sprinkler fitters is the best. Two thirds of Atlanta has been built by us the IBEW or the the sheet metal workers. When I walk on a construction site and there are non union subs, I know that my chances of being injured has dramatically increased. We may not be perfect but we are better than any other. A
  22. For my training, I received over ten thousand hours of classroom and ojt training before I was considered a journeyman. There is no part of the pipe trades industry that I was not trained in. From learning about the differences in types of pliers to industrial rigging, to installing medical gas systems. I was required to learn welding, as well as backflow prevention. I was trained not just to glue or solder pipe, but how to interpret every type of blueprint, from site work to finish, including electrical, structural, civil, and every other craft that is included. The union contractors build th
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