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  1. Fair and Balanced test..... former Secretary of State Not the President of The United States of America that’s seems fair
  2. Would like to know what we paid in 2011 and what it was sold for this year. Government transparency.
  3. On the bright side I saw somewhere today that unemployment applications were the lowest they have been since the 60s. MEGA ( making employment great again)
  4. Need to do away with EIC. What a waste and abuse of tax payers money.
  5. Check buss bars condition for arcing.
  6. Thank you Mr. Zorro for your 20 years of service.
  7. Every 6 months in full. Saves money.
  8. Kemp has claimed victory but they say it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Waiting for the fat lady to sing.
  9. Who won? Where does things stand?
  10. Regarding monetary classes; one of the beauties of the United States is that any one of us have the opportunity to become one of the rich is we work hard and make smart decisions. That is part of the American Dream we've always heard about. So True!
  11. Man arrested https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/26/us/cesar-sayoc-bombing-suspect-arrested.html
  12. Voted today around 1:00. Lines were long but moved very fast, took us about 10 minuets. The Poll workers are doing an excellent job very efficient.
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