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  1. I live in Yorkville and would love a grocery store closer than 8 miles to Rockmart or 12 miles to Dallas one way. No mega or super store just a mid size grocery store. For example yesterday for a chicken dish I was making I needed a can of Progresso French onion soup. Went to Dollar General was surprised they did carry some Pregresso soups but not what I needed and of course Scott's didn't have any in any brand of soup. I wasn't going to drive 16 miles round trip to Rockmart for a can of soup. We have lived in Yorkville for 9 years and have gotten accustomed to stopping on the way home
  2. lywilson


    DDD is the weather man for sure!!! I have followed his reports for 4 years and gets it right a lot more than the local mets!!
  3. Just heard another boom. We have lived here nine years and never heard anything from the quarry or tunnels LOL
  4. We just heard a loud boom in Yorkville loud enough people came outside to see what it was but no signs of anything. Anybody know what it was?
  5. Harriette was such a sweet and wonderful lady! She loved the Lord and serving him at Bethel UMC which she loved very much as well. My prayers are with the family during this difficult time.
  6. We were lucky and found a great deal. March 2013 we bought our 2006 pop up camper from a individual Craig's List ad in Birmingham. We are the third owner and it has been wonderful! We have camped in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Tenn. My in-laws bought their's through Craig's List too from a owner in Lawrenceville. Dealers and private owners list ads on CL for new and used models. After researching for almost a year we learned quickly to really look at pictures in the ads you will be amazed what some people consider a "clean camper" LOL The dealer on Hwy 41 close to Barrett Pkwy prices se
  7. We have a Tran heat pump (and whoever came up with the slogan "Nothing stops a Trane" was full of BS) this is the second time the 9 year old heat pump has failed. We paid over $1,000.00 five years ago to fix it and get it running again and now the air compressor has died and we have been quoted $1,950.00 to replace the comprssor or $3,800.00 and up for a new system. Any advise of which money pit road we should go?
  8. Has anyone ever appealed and won? I agree with everyone here this is highway robbery by the county!! In my S/D not one house has sold for more than $65,000 in the last year, but my bill went up $10,000 in value (bill has it valued at $83,600) with no additions to the home or anything else to justify such a increase. Wow, .56 acre and the bill is over $1,100.00. Who can afford any property now days with the county taxing the hell out of you
  9. PM for details of cards for sell less than face value.
  10. DDD is the man!! I have people text me asking what he is posting. I follow him first before TV people for sure.
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