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  1. Please refer to the PCOM Rules for information on bullets. Rule 9. --- 9. Violations may result in you getting a Bullet. The deputies may also reward you with a "Mayberry." Bullets are "over par" or positive numbers below your screen name. Mayberries are "under par" or negatives below your screen name. Only you can see these. Bullets are bad. Mayberries are good. When the bullet count gets to three (3), there is a three (3) day suspension. Four (4) bullets will mean five (5) days off. Five (5) bullets equals eight ( days of no posting. Six (6) will mean a fourteen (14) day suspension. When s
  2. Closed per request. Your reply was the political post. I split the political post off the first topic.
  3. Reminder. Political posts are not allowed in the Internet Cafe. If the OP wants to talk political, use the REPORT buttin and I will move the whole thing to the Political forum. ~Rafe~
  4. REMINDER. Political comments should not be in threads in the Cafe. ~Rafe~ Shop Mayberry often and wear those seat belts!
  5. Edits and removing some things. I don't like working this hard. Deputy Rafe
  6. Lawdie. Lawdie. Lawdie. Andy is going to have a fit when he gets wind of this. Deputy Rafe
  7. Don't go there. Have some popcorn and a Big Orange drink. This has been a gentle reminder thread but after reading the posts in question there is some work to do. Deputy Rafe
  8. We do have a rule against it. Use the REPORT feature so the deputies know there is a problem. Deputy Rafe
  9. You know, I'm getting really tired of having to referee children. One person posts something and there will be 5 reports that it is political or that it called someone out on their ideas. Then the "other side" gets its post reported. Just grow up, people. Thread closed so I don't have to sort this out about where to put it. ~Rafe~
  10. It was closed because the OP requested it. If you want to discuss more, open a thread and do so. Your attitude in this thread is uncalled for. Answered and closed.
  11. I'm bringing Andy's topic back to the top. If you think there is a topic that is more news than politics, send me or the mod on duty a PM and we will evaluate it first. Due to the large amount of bitching, bullets will fly first if the rule is not followed. Andy was right when he said attitudes need to improve ~Rafe~
  12. What is open Christmas Day? Paulding.com! And the pcom jail for all you Bah Hum Bug types, with stockings filled with coal and pcom bullets. Shop Mayberry often, put up the phone, and wear those seat belts!
  13. I wanted to respond to this. We're all volunteers. We don't scour the board looking for things. We rely on the Reports. That doesn't mean we have a mod on all the time. We try but we don't always. We get busy and forget to respond after we took action or no action but we do try to respond to each report. Some times we just don't agree with the Report or there is no rule violation. This is more art than science. We really try but this ain't easy. Our best advice is to just ignore what you don't want to read.
  14. I don't want to know about boobs while I'm on duty. PM me after my shift. We try to move topics when we know about them. We really rely on people using the Report Button because we really don't read much of what is posted. We're moderators. Posters, not so much. Warnings have and are being sent. A few get fiesty and swear they are going somewhere else when we finally bullet them. We try to be fair and we still get shot at. Thank you for being a good citizen of Mayberry! Deputy Rafe
  15. We agree and have already moved several topics to the Political Forum in the last few days. A the existing topics come to their agonizing death, those will be moved or closed. We hear you. We know what you're talking about. We get it. We feel ya. We hope there is a lot less garbage for at least two more years. Thanks for shopping Mayberry and don't forget to wear those seat belts! Deputy Rafe
  16. Y'all should've heard what Sheriff Andy proposed! Deputy Rafe
  17. Some posts were set invisible in this thread. Not suitable for Mayberry. Wear those seat belts and shop Mayberry often! Deputy Rafe
  18. I'm glad he's handling that place. They are mean as dern snakes in there.
  19. Just stay out of the Snickers and the Cheetos. Those are all mine.
  20. Why are you still awake? Your Pa is going to kill me for letting you stay up this late.
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