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  1. Thus the reason for moderators. It is why sometimes people get upset at us for removing comments.
  2. Public complaints about moderation is not allowed in the rules. Neither is posting religious topics in the Cafe, especially after the thread was closed once. This thread is closed. Also, we don't discuss moderation of topics on the open board.
  3. I handled the political stuff that only caused dissension to the whole discussion. I won't go into detail about the action I took with it because we don't discuss moderation in the open forum. We all are saddened by the events yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families involved. Tragedies like this cause us all to reflect. there is not much left to discuss since there is no new info at the moment. Conversation flows on pcom just like it flows in your own living room and moves into different topics. If we've offended you or anyone else with this thread
  4. I'm thinking I deserve a medal for that one! Haney is just worried because his bedtime is 10PM.
  5. Did ya like my aim? One missile and the world is a good place again. Impressive shot!
  6. Andy is Mt. Pilot for the week and Barney is, well, Barney.
  7. Bogey sighted! Target locked! Splash one! Splash one! Stay with me, Goose. Permission to buzz the tower? Report button worked. Mayberry Deputies have handled the situation.
  8. Andy is going to get you. You know better than to talk about those foreign beers. This is America.
  9. I remember you like the wine and Fat Tire but I didn't know you liked the Michelob Ultra. I will bring some to the next Mod Meeting, or as the Bradley girls call it, the Mod Sleep Over. Bad Bea. Bad bad bad Bea!
  10. Look, Haney, why are you telling the world the favorite beers of the Mod Squad? Hmmm? Now Andy will never believe the story about all the evidence we've been storing in the back room.
  11. Off topic and inappropriate posts with their replies were set invisible. Rafe
  12. split political posts to political forum ~Rafe~
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