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  1. No other reports that I'm aware of. BOLO for other strange and magical happenings where I can help. Shop Mayberry often.
  2. No problems with the PMs I have sent. Check to see if the PM I sent you arrives.
  3. Oh, Sweetie. Sometimes the ride needs a bit of mischief to make it more enjoyable.
  4. A couple of the posts in this thread could charter it. It's all good, though. The mods can take it. Sometimes the profundity of our posts under our own moniker require we then asertain a response via a mod facade to make the trail seem rather, well, odd. Back to Mayberry Patrol.
  5. It would seem you have a problem with the way we moderate this topic. I would suggest you use the REPORT function like you and others have in the past. As I am sure you know, when a REPORT is logged, like was done in this thread, the offending posts were removed and put in the proper forum. If you want to suggest an abuse of power on behalf of the mods, might I suggest a more appropriate means of doing so since an abuse of power is a serious matter. When the posts got religious, we moved them to the religious forum. If the topic gets political, we move those, too. So far the t
  6. I had for a picnic lunch with my Sweetie but she is at the dentist and can't. Maybe later. Hope Andy doesn't dock my pay for this.
  7. I am the one that takes the orders from Sheriff Andy and don't cause any trouble. That's me.
  8. If I were Ernest T Bass, this sort of thread might just work. I am not Ernest T. Nor am I one of those floosie Bradley girls.
  9. I do declare! Are you thinking that by giving me my own thread I would be so inclined to give you a Mayberry? Do you think I am that vain? Well? Do you?
  10. Austell Dental Associates [flash=728,90]http://www.paulding.com/ads/austelldentalassociates1.swf [flash=760,390]http://www.paulding.com/ads/AustellDental.swf West Georgia Dentistry for Children [flash=728,90]http://www.paulding.com/ads/westgeorgiadentistrybanner.swf [flash=760,390]http://www.paulding.com/ads/westgeorgiadentistryslideshow.swf
  11. Here ya go dearie. Christmas Parade Thread Shop Mayberry often. Wear those seat belts.
  12. It's been moved to the poltiical forum. Not gone anywhere. Keep the politics out of the cafe.
  13. I saw Pubby at Kroger today. I have only met him twice so seeing him again was a treat. I still don't know what the hell he was talking about but I'm sure he did and that is all that matters.
  14. We really were discriminating against you. It's you. We did it on purpose. Boss Hogg said he doesn't like you for some reason. It really is personal with him but I don't know why.
  15. Checking in for complaints about disagreements. Can't the usual suspects just ignore each other?
  16. Grilled Jerk chicken with a mango and cilantro salsa. Small salad.
  17. Homemade tomato bisque soup as appetizer. Beef tips. Spaghetti squash. English peas. Pinot Noir. Homemade cheesecake or ice cream with chocolate syrup.
  18. Deputy Rafe Hollister reporting for duty. Directives attended to.
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