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  1. Sour attitudes bring sour lives. Nice to see you Sam!
  2. The topic is no longer about the original post. This one is closed. I'm sure everyone will continue the same arguments in a new thread.
  3. Everyone goes to their corner and will shout their talking points and talk past each other. You say your foil was doing the insults. Other people have the said the same about your side but you didn't say anything about those posters. I'm going to suggest you step back and look objectively at all of it. Why it is that the other person and other side is always the one getting nasty and insulting according to you? Somehow, the other side points to similar things from your side and you don't see what the other side is upset about. When you begin calling out on your side for saying things like "li
  4. Another thread bites the dust. Closed.
  5. "He said this!" "He said this to me first!" "He said something worse to me!" "He keeps it going!" You two need to learn to be adults. Either learn that words can cut like a knife and realize you don't have to hit back 10 times harder to keep your manhood, or just take a chill out period. Learn to act like adults. Thread closed.
  6. There are four posters who have made that statement and I'm just one of them. Before you go on the quest to figure out who I am when posting, good luck with that. I don't post on the board. Continue on with your game.
  7. Goodness. Gracious. Sakes alive. Let me make this PERFECTLY CLEAR. We got the report. We took action. We set the offending post invisible and all the responses that copied to that post were made invisible. We then took other action that we won't discuss onto a member. That member went back and edited other posts to include similar things. Yet another member says he believes TP is special and protected. We hear that one a lot and it is not true. We do take action. It was handled. My response was to that poster who suggested some members are protected or special. We got new reports from
  8. This was handled and then there was an edit to another post by a certain member to bring back the content. Bang. Bang. Bang. I would also warn members about calling out mods or mod action, especially when you have the facts seriously wrong.
  9. Not taking any crap from any of you tonight. I've set posts invisible. You have the warning. Bullets are next. GROW UP, ALL OF YOU.
  10. We had hoped all of you would behave like adults but you're not. The last few weeks have been insult and name calling and retaliation and then hitting the report button while acting innocent like you've not been doing the same thing. STOP IT. Act like you want to be treated. More bullets will fly. Grow up. Stop the childishness.
  11. This has to stop. Some posts set invisible because of personal attacks. Warned in the past and no more. Play nice or bullets will fly.
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