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  1. I don't think we know the reasons yet, but certainly need to find out. It could simply be that something unique to black people's genetic make-up makes then more susceptible. We already know that people with blood type A are more susceptible, while people with blood type O are less so. The vast majority of deaths from COVID-19 were people in their 70s and older with health issues. For whatever reason, it doesn't bother smokers as much. We still have lots to learn about this demon. Regarding reopening the state...we need to, and as quickly as is safe. In my opinion, we could reopen even more aggressively, but the governor would surely be criticized if he did so. At this point, the damage to our economy and the extreme cabin fever sitting is are likely more of a threat than COVID-19 is. Add to that...when people start losing their homes and businesses, the suicide and mental illness rates could certainly be worse than the virus. Especially given the revised number of deaths due to COVID-19, we got off very easy, considering. And ironically, the total death rates as compared to the same period last year are way down. Also contrary to what the media has told us, most of the hospitals are ghost towns, and they are laying off or furloughing staff. I don't have all the answers, but this has been a crazy time for us. Lots of things that don't make sense, but the numbers help to explain at least part of it. True that the virus isn't gone, but antibody testing is indicating that far more people have had it than medical science expected. Many people get it asymptotically, and the theories that some of us had it in December or January are looking much more possible all the time. The possibilities of a safe vaccine anytime soon are not good, so the best defense we have against the virus is herd immunity. And quarantining or any semblance of it only slows that down. It's time to start returning to normal, or at least as close to normal as we can. The best thing we can do is to try and protect our elderly and health compromised. The rest of us need to move beyond fear and live life.
  2. Sorry, I shouldn't have eaten that.
  3. You used to have a trailer. :) This is what the OP said
  4. In full disclosure...many years ago when my business was young, I was living in a west Cobb subdivision and working out of my home. I was starting an installation division in my company, and I bought a box truck so I could carry the materials and equipment needed for that type of work. I parked the box truck on the end of my house every night, and eventually poured concrete to extend my driveway to handle it. A neighbor in the back of the subdivision started to complain about my truck. He first came down to announce to me that he disapproved of my truck and didn't want it there, and when I advised him that I really didn't care what he thought, he tried to have the county force me to park my truck elsewhere. Problem was...the county ordinance only applied to truck 1.5 ton and over, and my truck was 1.25 ton, so it fell under the law. There was nothing he could do about it. The man continued to pitch a fit; went around the neighborhood trying to get signatures on a petition, which he failed at. He even sent out flyers, trying to build support to oppose my truck. But the other neighbors knew that my truck didn't bother them, and that I was a good friend to them. But that didn't stop the guy, one 95 degree day, from calling me, begging for help when his air conditioner was down and he couldn't get anyone to come out for a few days. I was the bigger man; I went and fixed his air conditioner, and charged him a fair price. He didn't complain about my truck after that, but I really didn't care if he did because he was the jerk in the situation. I rose above the petty crap and was a good neighbor to him. We sold that house a few years later at more than asking price and moved to Paulding. We bought acreage, in part because of that guy who though he should be able to tell me what I could and couldn't do on my own property. I will never again live in a subdivision, much less one with a covenant. I've built my own little piece of paradise here and my neighbors have nothing to say about it. But they wouldn't anyway, because I have helped them out on multiple occasions, and they know that I'm a good guy that they can count on. Live and let live.
  5. But can you pee for distance? Don't answer that. Haha
  6. Honestly, I don't care. I've never been one to care about "class", how much money someone has or makes, how fancy their home is, what kind of car they drive, etc. It's all superficial. What truly defines a man is what is in his heart. I know and associate with some very poor people and also some very wealthy people. I love them for who they are, not their bank balance. But your post has keywords like "very nice neighborhood", low rent, renter, etc. So that kind of gave me the snootiness feeling. Many FedEx drivers are independent owner/operators, so the guy might own his truck. The man is working and has a good job, I can respect that. He could be a bum, living off the taxpayers or sitting on his butt while his wife works. He could be some kind of crook and cheat people out of their money. But that would be OK so long as there's not a truck parked in from of his house making it look "low rent", right? I really doubt his truck is hurting you. I respectfully suggest that there are bigger things to worry about, so live and let live. Given that he probably makes good money, odds are he'll buy a home and move before long. Hopefully to a place where people don't look down on him. This reminds me of why I saved our money and bought acreage. I pee off my back porch, so you probably wouldn't like living by me. LOL
  7. Not as often as you might think. Being a FedEx truck, I'm sure it moves almost every day, so not a permanent fixture. Personally, I'd be happy that my neighbors are responsible and hard working people. The OP's post had an air of snootiness in it, or at least that's how I read it. I don't see that the truck is bothering him.
  8. Sorry to sound like this, but why don't you mind your own business? The guy is trying to make an honest living and it isn't hurting you, so give him a break.
  9. OK, the new management has fixed it. My thanks to them.
  10. I think we all know who did it. Hopefully, some of the more level headed site management will correct it now that it's been brought to light.
  11. DJT clique? Philandering? Do you want an intelligent discussion on this issue, or were you just taking advantage of an opportunity to insult people and once again attack the president on a personal level? Some things never change. P.S. - You should try asking people what their opinions are. You might actually inspire some good discussion.
  12. I truly believe you mean well, but I have to ask some questions: Are we to actually believe that the founder of this forum who is still an owner with admin access will go to time out? Respectfully, sir, I doubt it. As long as he posts his hatred here and slanders members and posts his ad hominem attacks on us, it will be extremely difficult to have civil discussion. Many of us want to, but the hate in his heart makes him incapable of playing nice. You have decisions to make, my friend, if you are to protect your investment.
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