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  1. OK. Here are the game rules for this thread. If you start attacking people in this thread, it's going to be a bullet. If you get snarky, it will be a bullet. We're leaving this thread open and in the Cafe, but there has already been some childish things thrown out in the thread from people saying others shouldn't be doing that same thing. Act like adults.
  2. The A topic has always been off limits as a discussion item because no one ever changes their mind about it, and all that happens is people launch missiles at each other. When Pubby first started the site, the moderators invoked the Boortz Rule. At that time Neal Boortz was still on the air and he had a rule that if anyone begins to discuss the A topic, they were immediately cut off. So we do the same here. The A topic is off limits and the spelling of the word is auto changed.
  3. I am not 100% certain but I believe that if the person beginning to PM deletes it, all the PMs in that line get deleted too.
  4. I can answer that one. No we don't. We can't do anything in a member's account.
  5. This one has run it's course. Closed. Rafe
  6. Good God in Heaven. This whole political thing is getting on my nerves. It is like a bunch of middle schoolers around here lately. Thread closed.
  7. A report comes in about a post only a few minutes ago about a certain word. One report though apparently many were offended. Only one report. If you don't report something, we don't know there is a problem. Rafe
  8. Breakfast for dinner. Sausage. Scrambled eggs. Toast. Grits. Hash brown potatoes. It was heavenly.
  9. I hear Fred's is adding a cafe for it's lunchtime shopping crowd. Shop Mayberry often! Rafe
  10. Topic has turned into a completely different discussion. OP may open new thread but this one is so far off course that it is a closed highway. Rafe
  11. Several comments removed. I don't have time to sort it all out so I just removed the ones that were personal. Let's discuss without making it personal. Be safe out there! Rafe
  12. Breakfast. Poached eggs. Ham slices. Cheddar and white American cheese. Waffles. Potato cakes (thick and bake like a casserole). Baked beans. Salmon slices.
  13. Baked tilapia with grilled veggies, and a simple salad with the left over arugula, roma tomatoes and lemon-infused olive oil as dressing.
  14. It's very good. Made 3 batches before I got it just like I wanted. Do a search for the recipe. Don't use the one with lard because it is not that great.
  15. Horseradish soup. Simple salad with romaine lettuce, arugula, roma tomatoes and olives, topped with lemon-infused olive oil. Toasted French bread. Cold Paulaner I've been saving since last week's bad weather spell.
  16. Everyone has the right to post topics. It is up to the readers to decide what they want to click on to read or ignore. We don't gang up on members because we don't like what they post to make them stop posting or leave. Carry on, good citizens of Mayberry. Wear those seat belts! Deputy Rafe
  17. Yet he allows you all to say those things about him without any repercussions. Who is the bigger man?
  18. Thread has long run its course and now people are just attacking each other. I'm closing it before bullets start to fly over some just plain old mean posts. Fair Warning: attacking a member or making fun of a member by targeting them in various threads is not tolerated. Thread closed.
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