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  1. You're right. It won't be in the Political Forum. It is still News for a while. New threads will not be given the same courtesy since, after a while, it is just politics.
  2. Hey, Darlin. Was wondering when you would be coming on duty.
  3. There are a few delightful parts to this job. I'm fully loaded and don't mind shooting.
  4. I know I speak for all the Moderators when I say Thank You for this. We try to be fair and patient and do the best we can. We're not perfect and don't pretend to be. We don't like getting slapped around when we're just trying to keep the place in order and enjoyable for most everyone.
  5. Says the Mod who is letting the discussion go because it is still news in everyone's mind. After the emotions wear down, all future threads will be in the Political Forum. We try to let people have their say on this sort of Big News Event. It is a judgement call and we are doing the best we can. Some people didn't want it in the Cafe at all. Others are upset we didn't move it after about an hour. Others want it to go for a while and let everyone have their say. It is an historic ruling so we are letting it go as news for now. We can't please everyone. Bogey sighted! Ta
  6. Oh no. Me and the Twins often share the late night shift. Just my lucky night to be on duty when the sheeshzola hit the fan.
  7. Remember to keep this civil. We are all adults and we know what is appropriate banter and jabs and what is over the line.
  8. Ragsdale Heating and Air are commerce members.
  9. You can always change your member name and then edit your profile so there is no info there. Maybe that is what you're asking.
  10. A few posts were set invisible. Person One person says, "You're dense." Person Two says something. Person Three jumps in. I've had enough of it the last few days. I have two suggestions: Don't start and Don't retaliate. If you start with The Snippy, don't be surprised when it comes back at you. If you jump and bang the sabers each time someone says sumpin you don't like, don't be surprised when I stick you with a bullet. Calm down. Have a drink. Enjoy pcom for a change. I've had my Deputy Say for Tonight.
  11. PM sent about why that happened. Check your PM box.
  12. He'll have to catch me first, Barn.
  13. Hot Dang. She called me Bug Un. Time to open this back up before ANdy does take all our badges away. Thread re-opened! Where's Otis and the jug?
  14. When you post a news report like this, you need to give the link. Friendly reminder to everyone. Deputy Rafe, MD (Magical Deputy)
  15. Obviously. It's Magic. - Deputy Rafe, MD (Magical Deputy)
  16. This is why we shouldn't post names like this until there is official word and the news story is done. One mess up like what just happened can lead to terrible rumors. Do not put any names out until Pubby does a story. Thank You. Deputy Rafe
  17. That would explain why I couldn't find it since my estrogen pointer is broken. Deputy Rafe, MD (Magical Deputy)
  18. PM me with the topic title and I shall do my best to pull it out of the hat. Deputy Rafe, MD (Magical Deputy)
  19. The infidelity has been admitted. The details of that have not been verified and will not be discussed. That sort of discussion is not something that should be done in an open forum like this. Rumors, especially rumors like this, can hurt many people. Keep the discussion to the topic and don't speculate on more than that. I'm watching and waiting to make more posts disappear - my specialty, you know. Deputy Rafe, MD (Magical Deputy)
  20. Ever helped cause a bus to disappear, Sarah? Or been sawed in half? Just asking. Glad you're part of the pcom community. Deputy Rafe, MD (Magical Deputy)
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