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  1. Congratulations to all the posters in this thread for so far keeping it civil. No name calling and no attacks. Impressed at the moment. Andy
  2. Due to the many complaints, this is it. No more political topics in the Cafe. Members who want politics have a forum for it. This is a warning to everyone. Don't post political topics in the Cafe. Bullets will fly. Attitudes need to improve too. Andy.
  3. We have the ability to check IP addresses to maintain the integrity of the board. We don't want one person to assume several identities to trash a businesses competitor by making it look like many people are upset or give the impression one opinion is more popular than another. We've had instances where that or similar things have happened. No one's identity is ever revealed to anyone without a court order compelling that action.
  4. Posts removed. Bullets issued. Warning to everyone to keep this civil and on topic.Personal posts will be set invisible. This thread is very near the tipping point of getting moved. You've all been warned.
  5. Closed. I'll deal with all of you tomorrow. Especially the Bradleys. I'm sure there was a party earlier for them to start. My apologies to the PCOM Community.
  6. No, they do not but I do. I moved the topic out of sight from the main board while I took a minute to fix the video that was embedded, is that OK with everyone?
  7. Folks, per the rules, please refrain from providing contact info of non-commerce members. Thanks.
  8. "It is against the rules to use the term 'bump.' To add an inanity. To make a post with absolutely plausibly no other purpose than to boost the topic on the recent topics page. It is not against the rules to add additional information to a topic." - Pubby
  9. Perfection eludes us all sir. Hopefully you like this title better.
  10. I think this is one of those cases where it's best just to wish everyone a good day. Thanks for shopping Mayberry. Ya'll come back now.
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