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  1. NEVER EVER EVER fly Spirit!!! Read their reviews, they are absolutely terrible. And when you book through Orbitz , etc you cannot make changes at the airport through the airline. You can only call the company who booked your flight. That's a huge pain in the butt when you are trying to reschedule a cancelled or delayed flight. I watched a friend who was visiting me spend over 4 hours on the phone with Orbitz just trying to change his return date. The extra few bucks is not worth any of that heartache to me. Last year I flew over 55,000 miles with Delta and never had a problem that wasn'
  2. My husband had a four level anterior fusion with cadaver bone last March. I was shocked at how little pain he felt after the 9 hour surgery. The first few nights he slept in a recliner chair and then moved to our regular bed with lots of pillows. His doctor did not require him to wear his neck brace continuously after first month. He wore it only when out in public and while driving. Best of luck to you. I hope the surgery is as successful for you as it was for my husband.
  3. This makes me so sad. Ralph was a great man. Many thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  4. I had mine done by Doctor Eugene Smith at LasikPlus on Galleria Pkwy near Cumberland. I had it done two years ago and at that time he had already done over 70,000 procedures. He even gives you his personal cell phone in case you need him for anything after the procedure. He really took the time with me to talk about underlying health issues that might have effected the procedure. In total, my procedure cost around $4k (with free, lifetime adjustments if needed) because my vision was terrible to being with. But I'd gladly pay more for an experienced doctor regardless. I cannot explain how
  5. I was just thinking about this today.
  6. Pike's offers a design service. I had a wonderful gentleman come out and completely design my backyard. Very professional, but VERY expensive. Just the design cost $700.
  7. I believe the Cobb DA is fairly new as of Nov 2012. I just can't see this as felony murder. Hopefully Vic Reynolds knows more than we do.
  8. Yes, you are that mean. But it is available to stream online also so it's not the end of the world. Thankfully, the local stations here show every game.
  9. I don't understand why anyone travels there anymore.
  10. Eek! So it really does happen. That is one of my worst nightmares.
  11. Ick, it's basically just a microwaved meal. You can do that at home for much cheaper.
  12. This will help a bit with the basics and etiquette http://www.geocaching.com/guide/ It's like a treasure hunt for adults. Now I've got the bug again. Time to break out the GPS.
  13. The coordinates get you close but then you have to use the clues. The public ones are hard because you have to act like you aren't looking for anything. I remember looking for one on the corner of Mars Hill and Due West Rd at the church. We gave up after an hour of trying not to look suspicious while everyone in traffic was staring at us. I especially loved the ones in parks and walking trails. They get you to new places and you get a chance to enjoy nature too. There were some great beginner ones at Leone Hall Price Park off Stilesboro Rd in Kennesaw and also the Pitner Rd Dog park
  14. It's a lot of fun! But it's more fun before the grass and weeds get too high. We've even found a few in Costa Rica too.
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