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  1. We have always had good luck at Kaufman in Hiram.
  2. We've been using Pet Armor from Walmart and have no problems. Half the price too. You can also order it on Amazon.
  3. Double agree. The one time we went to Martinos, it was reheated microwave food. Blick.
  4. No show Jones will show no more. RIP George.
  5. I'm guessing home grown. Not grand enough for the rag heads.
  6. He's Chinese. Yeah, they will penalize you for slow play. Kid was probably nervous as hell and didn't want to screw up.
  7. How about the 14 year old kid who made the cut and finished in 58th place. Pretty good for a 14 yr old. Just imagine how good he will be when he is 18. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57579516/14-year-old-guan-tianlang-has-memorable-debut-at-masters/
  8. Blondie is a laundry MACHINE!!! We usually have 3 loads a week but she is by God Johnny on the spot, she's done before I even have a chance to come home and put away! When ours go, we will be buying a SQ.
  9. Diehard summed it up nicely last week in a thread that has mysteriously gone poof after being locked and shuffled off the front page and supposedly forgotten. Right before he packed up his Hefty's and left....again.
  10. Boobs are the universal guy language. Once you've seen one boob, you pretty much want to see them all.
  11. Amazing how much better they have become without that idiot Chipper.
  12. He always made me laugh. http://www.tmz.com/2013/04/12/jonathan-winters-dies-dead/
  13. Im a guy. Meatloaf, mashed taters, green beans.
  14. Its their super bowl. Let em have it. I can't watch it. If I want to know the weather, I walk outside.
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