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  1. Speaking of local draws and tourism and gossip (OK THAT ones mine and mostly what this is about). A couple three weeks ago I was coming down 278 to turn next to tbe hospital. Coming up nb at the light there, was a county truck and on the back of that truck was a number of beige posts with signs that read "No Stopping or Standing". Has our boys star dropped that far just as he got back on TV?
  2. Seems hard to get folks to talk about anything they aren't arguing over. I've thought about just writing stories and posting them to have something on the page, just in hopes somebody else might start talking. But me trying to be funny ain't gonna do it. At it's height it was primarily a local news site. The big draw was it was pretty much the ONLY place to get that local news. The social stuff kinda sprung up around that. At some point the interest of the driving force strayed from news, then the tilt went to politics. The social died away as the arguing escalated. Now sometimes
  3. Can't remember exactly, but sometime around 70, give or take a year, daddy got hit backing a tractor trailer across those tracks. But stepping into the path of a train kinda increases the percentage for an intentional act. Don't know, just sayin'.
  4. Ain't it about time for another big old box of 2 dollar sweat pants?
  5. That's a let down. There where big plans and promises for that intersection when the Kroger and drug store went in. There was even site prep on the lot right behind the drug store. Can't even tell it now.
  6. Saw it going in. Looks to small to be anything much. If the place was ever busy I'd say just a parking lot extension, but it's not. Anyway, here's hoping for something useful. .
  7. It's the gang charges and the two locations that folks might want to pay real close attention to. Gang being more than one, that would lead me to believe there might be a problem or two left behind right around those places. Edited to add: Not a bad looking joint. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/99-Calm-Waters-Ave_Hiram_GA_30141_M69730-70123
  8. Duren Tree Service 404-429-6071 Out of Powder Springs. 25 years in business. Son having now taken over for the father. That last part is what might make you nervous. There's been so many disscussions about local businesses taken over by the children and you can't deal with them anymore. I don't know this man's father. But if he's any better of a man, he must be really something.
  9. Well it's next Thursday. Here we go, the entire experience, albeit entirely from my point of view. If you don't want the whole thing then skip to the last paragraph for the verdict. The first contact is in the first post. The second contact was yesterday evening about 6:30. The wife of the couple who run the business called to remind me that they would be here the next morning. I had been told that they would call the day before they came. And I had held off going to the bank yesterday just due to the expected weather, figuring that it would set them back a day or two and because I didn't
  10. I was about to pile off into the same thing I've just always done before, when there's this note. Apparently something hacked me off bad enough to write myself to say don't do that again. Then I remembered what it was when I saw this: Lifehacker: How to Ditch TurboTax. https://twocents.lifehacker.com/how-to-ditch-turbotax-1832155535 There's some info in there that'll both open your eyes a hair, also some that can save you some money this year.
  11. Tried to resist but I just can't. First, sorry about the close to home worries. Second, I hope you don't turn out to be both German and Irish cause then there's the chance you'll stab yourself and then you shoot you for the stabbing. That would just be a mess. And lastly, if pcom ever wakes me up at 5:30, we shall part ways.
  12. Atlanta Journal Constitution: JUST IN: 1 fatally shot, 1 stabbed after altercation at Paulding County home. https://www.ajc.com/news/crime--law/just-fatally-shot-stabbed-after-altercation-paulding-county-home/ugV6iSLBQzwu58NKDvyKMO/ Probably a German guy and an Irish guy. Them Germans is bad to shoot folks and those Irish and their stabby stabby. You know how they are. Wait....I'm part Irish. Maybe that explains the knife collection. Better watch that part of myself.
  13. I didn't expect you to get it or accept it. I've seen and heard all that before, from my daddies knee. I would expect the same reactions here. It's like a visit from my past every time you speak. Only difference is he owned it and proclaimed it loudly to anybody that would listen. Assumption before the fact based on not just race, but economic situation (ie:riff raff, remember that one), or any other fact of personal circumstance is bigotry fed by prejudice. I don't argue against prejudice, failure to "pre judge" any given situation can scale all the way up to disaster real quick. Pre judg
  14. Little better than 20 years ago a perpetrator beat my brother in law to death with a golf club in Dallas. Captain, how bout using your advanced powers of deduction and tell me the races of everyone involved. As a bonus, how bout telling me the setting in which this crime occured. If multiple people with varied outlooks use the same descriptors for the same subject, well that's an indication of something.
  15. There's been several discussions about looking for a tree cutter with no resolutions that I've seen. And folks asking for recommendations if anybody found one. I looked one up and called. They were finishing up for the day in Hiram somewhere (he's local) said they'd be here in an hour, and beat that time. Looked at the three trees (1 gotta, 1 shoulda, 1 wanta) and shot me a price. We agreed on a number and they estimate next thursday for the work. We'll see and I'll say.
  16. "Will beer send you to hell?" If you're drinking one while snorting a line off a strippers behind that you cut up using a laminated picture of your wife when lightening attracted by the strippers piercings strikes you both and kills you..............mmmmmmmmmaybe.
  17. A stretch for the topic, but it's new, and its at an eating place. Jan. 30, the Big Mac, but more importantly, the Quarter Ponder, are you ready for this?.......................................GET BACON!!!
  18. I was up on 278 because I finally caved and got the pizza, thought I'd report on the progress at the deli. The building looks to be fairly complete. Still folks working inside though. Anywho, as I passed Mcalisters there was a billboard that says The Wild Crab Coming Soon, then an address on Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy. I went by to quick to get the street number so I don't no where on the road it's supposed to be. And the only "The Wild Crab" restaurant I can find on line is two stores in California. Anybody know somethin'?
  19. Hurray!!!!!!!!! You have won $5,000 a WEEK for Life!!!!!!! That's $260,000 a year for the rest of your LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better yet, someone in your life gets $5,000 a week for the rest of THEIR Life!!!!!!!! Just as soon as your DEAD. Ya gonna tell'em? By the way P. T. Barnum did not say "There's a sucker born every minute." It was inaccurately attributed to him. I'm just repeating it.
  20. Folks giving the government an interest free loan so they can eagerly anticipate a refund of their own money is the mentality that allowed companies to make money issuing loans on funds that come in two weeks anyway. You have to plan for politicians punishing the people for their inability to deal with each other now a days.
  21. So was your beertender Joan, Suzie Q, or Polly?
  22. I remember those more as feature act halls that sold booze as opposed to bars, Met DAC there when it was Rainbow, my buddy was his drummer at the time and Bear became a friend. By the way DAC REALLY IS a big old appendage. Like a total appendage. Huge appendage. Edited to add: If you went to Terry's while there was a band on stage, better than even chance we met.
  23. Oh, and i forgot to mention, Willie Nelson STILL looks like hell!
  24. Yes ma'am, Twilley from my first dog until I left home. I remember watching that building next door separate from its chimney for years.
  25. Mean Gene Okerland The Captain - Captain and Tennille Super Dave Osborne RIP
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