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  1. I saw a listing of hate groups in Georgia on the news tonight. Don't remember the exact total of all of them but I do remember that they reported and highlighted that the number 2 group was "White Nationalist" with a total of 5 groups. What they didn't mention was that their chart showed 16 "Black Nationalist" groups. What are we missing here?
  2. Finely hand chopped celery, not masticated in a food processor. Finely chopped red or yellow sweet onion, again by hand. DILL pickle salad cubes, not relish and never sweet pickles, Yuck! Drain as much of the juice off in a sieve as you can. You could hand chop the pickles but it's a lot of work and messy. From a jar works great. Diced chicken, rotisserie is great, white or mixed with some dark. About equal amounts of all the vegetables, and about twice as much chicken. Fold in Dukes Mayonnaise to the consistency you like (Lots!), you could use another brand but why waste good chicken. Freshly ground black pepper, again lots. Salt if you desire but usually not. The pickles take care of this. NO GRAPES! NO NUTS! NO APPLES! Who ever heard of such nonsense?
  3. I just bought a case of beer from WalMart and upon opening it I found a card from Grace Baptist Church notifying me that God loves me, and everyone is a sinner, and Jesus died for my sins. Does that include having a beer? Who goes around sticking these little cards in cases of beer. Didn't make me want to go to church, just made me think that they're a bunch of fundamentalist fanatics.
  4. I'm really sorry to say this but this guy had absolutely no business being there! So he thought it was his duty, like so many others, to bring religion to a people who had lived in peace for hundreds, maybe thousands of years according to some news reports. He wanted to save their soles by teaching them about sin and guilt and burning in hell forever if they didn't believe as he did, something that they had never even conceived of before. They had lived happy, disease free, GUILT free lives without being infiltrated by outsiders, and they knew it was better to keep it that way. Again, I'm sorry but I think he got what he deserved and everyone who helped him should be prosecuted. I hope they can dispose of his body in a safe way without exposing themselves to diseases, including our religions!
  5. So it was 106 degrees yesterday. I saw that it read about 96 today around 10:00 am. What did our taxes pay for this thing, and what are we teaching our kids: that it's OK to present wrong information? Come on people, it's a school!
  6. Have we totally forgotten about Paulding's great contribution to the film industry, our wonderful, state of the art, movie studios? I go by there nearly every day and see nothing, nada, zilch, going on. Glad to see that we spent all that money to build it and then never really bothered to promote it. Now who's paying for it?
  7. Are there any choral groups in Paulding where one can join to sing? Not strictly religious (though I love gospel music) but also secular, like including popular music, showtunes, folk, country, classical, whatever. Also, has anybody thought of going caroling this year? I did it many years ago when I lived in a large apartment complex in Atlanta and some of the older residents actually cried. I'd love to do it again.
  8. I hate being nosey but the place on Old Villa Road with the metal barricade type fencing and skulls has fascinated me for years. Every time I go buy it I wonder who lives there. Is it an artist, or just an eccentric, or what? I don't have any problem with it, in fact I love it, but I'd like to know more about it. Anybody?
  9. This morning I bought an induction cooker (actually two of them) at Aldi for $40. I was getting ready to write a long review of it, but my spaghetti sauce is almost ready and it's time for supper. It has 10 adjustable power levels from 100 up to a full 1800-watts, and temperature settings from 140 to 460 degrees. I've checked out several brands and this one has everything and more than the ones costing three times as much. Aldi apparently only releases products like this once a year, so if you don't get it now you won't get it for another year. I bought an InstantPot electric pressure cooker 2 years ago for $150 online. Handiest cooking gadget I've ever had. A few months later I bought another one from Aldi for $49 that is every bit as good as the high priced one. In fact, it's the one I use most often now, and I use it all the time for cooking, and for canning small amounts of things quickly without breaking out the big canner. I bought two more of them for gifts. If you're interested in an induction cooker, better get it now if they still have some. I don't work for Aldi or anything, just can't believe some of the deals they have sometimes.
  10. No problem with air, but I find I'm having trouble buying table salt now since they found out that it can be used as a lethal ammunition.
  11. I applied for a credit card while there and got a $20 instant credit so it actually only cost me $20. I've had at least that much fun from it.
  12. I'm almost embarrassed to post this because it sounds so silly, but I bought a Bug-A-Salt gun at Cabellos.. My friends ridiculed me for wanting one, but now they can't wait to get their turn with it. It looks like one of those plastic water shooters, but it's an air gun that shoots a little pinch of salt and splatters flies anywhere they land from about 2-feet away. You fill a hopper with table salt (good for about 80 shots), pull back a lever to cock it, take aim through the sights, and BAM!, that fly is history. Doesn't matter if he's in the corner of a window pane, or sitting on your coffee cup, or any of the places where a swatter just won't work, it'll get him. I've had so much fun with this thing, I almost wish I had more flies in my house. I understand the company that makes it even sells a kit to hatch your own maggots and grow your own targets, for those unfortunates without enough flies to obliterate. I don't need to get that! Look it up on YouTube or Google. Sometimes we need a little silliness in our lives.
  13. That's exactly why I'm so upset about this whole incident. I would have had no problem whatsoever if they had done that to me, but they didn't. They watched, waited, let me go on through, then ran out and got my little knife. Then instead of telling me that they had taken it the first time I asked, they started spouting off things about "doing their job" and "must be secured in your vehicle" and "abandoned on government property and must be confiscated". When I went back to get my knife the next day and brought up this very point of why couldn't they tell me they were watching, the supervisor got a somewhat belligerent attitude and basically said that they didn't have to tell me why they did what they did, just that I needed to obey what they said. My friend, who was also with me again, and heard all of this, said as we were driving away, that it reminded him of what over 6 million Jews were told not such a long time ago. Like I said, I've lost a whole lot of respect. I can now feel my blood pressure soaring when I just pass by the "government complex" on 278.
  14. I went to the courthouse to renew my auto tag yesterday. I parked pretty far down in one of the spaces next to Veteran's Park. Knowing that I would have to go through security, I left my phone and everything that was in my pockets and just carried in my glasses, wallet, paperwork, checkbook, and car keys. I didn't know I would have to take off my belt or I would have left that too. When I dropped everything into the basket to be x-rayed the officer noticed that I had a little Gerber keychain knife on my keyring and said, "You'll have to take that back to your vehicle". I asked if I could just leave it with them and was told, "No, you'll have to take it back to your vehicle.". I left everything in the basket, asked my friend who was with me to watch it, and started back to my truck. As I was walking back I noticed the brick planters along the walkway, you know the ones that our taxes paid a lot of money for, but have never held anything but dirt, dead weeds, bark mulch, and trash. And yes, being the lazy person that I am, instead of walking all the way back to my truck I moved a little of the mulch, placed my knife in the corner, covered it up and went back inside, through security, and up to the tag office. There was nobody in line, so in less than 15 minutes I had my tag and was back outside. Guess what, my knife was gone! Knowing that nobody outside had seen me put it there, I went back inside and asked about it at the security desk. I was told in a very puffed up, authoritative voice by the security officer, that any dangerous item or weapon not secured in the owner's vehicle and abandoned on government property had to be confiscated. At first he wouldn't even tell me that they had taken it, just spouted off more textbook jargon. When I asked again if they were the ones who indeed had taken it, he admitted that yes they had. I asked if I could get it back and was told that I'd have to contact the Marshall's Office about that. I left there feeling like a criminal, with a churning in my stomach that still hasn't gone away. The knife wasn't really such a big deal but it was given to me by a good friend, now deceased, and I've carried it for years. I've even flown on airplanes with that little 1.4 ounce knife with no problems. I was almost afraid to call the Marshall's Office for fear that I would probably be charged with some kind of felony or something! I did call later was told that I could get my knife back if I did so within 48 hours, otherwise it would have to be destroyed. I was also told that this exact same thing happens quite often, I was by no means the first, and that children playing in the planters sometimes find knives and might get hurt with them. If this same thing has, and does, happen, why couldn't the security officers have just said something like, "Take the knife back to your vehicle. Do not be tempted to leave it somewhere outside and come back in."? Instead, they watched me on the security cameras and saw me do it. Then when I came back in, rather than correcting and warning me even then, they let me go on through and then ran outside to 'confiscate' my knife. Woo-hoo, we gotch'ya! I went up and got my knife back today. When I politely brought up the point of why didn't they try to help me and inform me instead of waiting to catch me and humiliate me, I was quickly informed, again in that authoritative demeanor, that when you're told to do something by an officer you should do exactly what they say. I was also reminded that they really didn't even have to give the knife back to me. We are, right now, going through some of the hardest times ever of deteriorating relationships between law enforcement officers and private citizens. I'm 68 years old and have always had the utmost respect for the law. I've never been in any kind of trouble (that I got caught at) with the law. I've only had 2 traffic tickets in my entire life. (Go ahead and say it, yes I'm a Saint!) When I was younger, a law enforcement officer was someone you could look up to. They were friendly to talk to and would help you if you needed it. Now it seems they're intimidating and unapproachable and suspicious of any and everybody. I can't really blame them with all that goes on these days, but I'm sorry that I now find myself losing more and more respect for many of them. I lost a lot more yesterday and today.
  15. But we have a Movie Studio! How much more cool can you get than that?!!
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