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  1. While it"s absolutely an awful thing, this ain't no mass nothing. Most likely a couple of folks that shouldn't be together and usually aren't during the week. Thrown together for a couple days straight, add alcohol or other substance, somebody gets tired of that mouth and the next thing you know... It happens everywhere all the time. (Try Live PD on friday and saturday nights). Has for all time and will continue as long as there are people. I'd site Genesis if it wouldn't start a mini riot. When knives are outlawed, only outlaws will eat steak.
  2. BPPV is a component of this. It lives to the far right and far left head turn or leaning back off of a 90 degree angle. For me, right now at least, it results in total loss of motor control if I can't move quick enough to a different position. Everything in the middle is just regular dizzy. The optimism is appreciated and shared. But I have to keep in mind that one of a horses main goals in life is not to fall over. Unless I get WAY YONDER better somewhere down the road or my bikes grow at least one more wheel and a sense of self preservation....
  3. Felt like I had to write it out. Said it out loud once to someone so they would know in case of fire or similar disaster that I couldn't necessarily hear. Especially at night if I roll onto my right ear, I'm totally deaf. Broke down like a little girl in the middle of it. That ain't me. Acceptance comes with familiarization. Say it enough and its real. Public therapy.............basically y'all are cheaper than a shrink. Besides, it's always seemed to me, and believe me I've put thought into it, if you're problem is that you don't have anyone that cares enough about you that you can talk to th
  4. Well there will definitely be surgeon in my future. New doctor, new worries. This is just the most worrisome finding from the CT. The report is several paragraphs and has some scary language. "Prominent soft tissue attenuation in the nasal cavity, worrisome for nasal polyp or polyps. Correlate with rhinoscopy findings." That's the thing about when you turn yourself over to the doctors. It's a never ending discovery of things you've known about since childhood. I remember daddy saying that poor folks didn't spend money on doctors just cause your nose stuffs up. If this ends up h
  5. Just to answer the questions all at once. No family to speak of. That was one of the holes in the life plan. Another long story for another day. The doctor will have to change shortly down the road anyway, but you're right, I don't like this guy. See the dentist every 6 months, but you never know. I'm not arguing with the diagnosis. After doing the research like the doctor said, there isn't much doubt that he's right. Everything about his diagnosis fits. And I am extremely relieved that it wasn't a tumor or a stroke. There was no fever or discharge so it isn't bacterial. Which unfortunate
  6. Nerve damage to the inner ear. I wish a second opinion would bring that back, but it won't. It's early though, if the need for a more radical solution comes real, there will be a second. There's no way I could get through an implant with this guy. He's not a surgeon anyway. If the sinuses get done he'll have to pass me off to one near term.
  7. Because I need somebody to talk too. That’s the honest answer as to why I’m writing this. At least it's the latest honest answer. It almost was written several weeks ago under the title “I’m Scared”, ‘cause I was. Being just completely honest, I still am a little. Just so you know and before you invest anymore time than it took to read that short paragraph, this is long. If you have no interest in medical issues, personal drama or just hearing about time kicking my ass, stop here. If your still there, bless ya. If ya ain’t….well \^_^/. Without doing a complete medical history, just
  8. Eventually I'll stop. Just not yet. New memory foam beds a hit https://imgur.com/a/uAbeX0P
  9. Side note on a similar vein. Had to visit our new DDS (Dept. of Driver Services) Office yesterday. Pretty nice place, fairly efficient, going in prepared equaled a fairly painless experience. Only complaint would be they have the PA system cranked to be heard over a full room of talking people and screaming young'ns. That first announcement I thought we were under attack or something.
  10. Just cause. http://imgur.com/gallery/57GJDzT
  11. If you want to see what improper/non-existant storm drain maintenance can cost, total up slab repair and sinkhole filling on I-285 on the west side. Guarantee it'll curl your drawers. The vast majority of those costs are due to this. That being said, blowing stuff into storm drains is first day training for most landscapers.
  12. Yesterday I found out that she makes the same kinda sweet little noises when she's sleeping as when she is throwing up all over the bed you changed an hour ago before giving her a bath. Still cuter'en hell.
  13. USA TODAY: Fred's closing 104 more stores in summer, see the list. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/05/16/freds-store-closings-2019-retailer-closing-104-more-stores/3672457002/ Can't believe Fred's is closing. What will we do?
  14. Makes her sneeze when it gets in her nose. Maybe a little less internet for you. Seems it might be being a bad influence.
  15. Never had this much trouble figuring out a dog. Someone was very particular with the behaviour she was allowed, to the point of some anxiety issues. We're working on those. I'd just about bet anything from her behaviour and predetermined internal clock, that she belonged to a bartender or night shift worker that lived in an apartment for a very long time. And I'm just about sure that 8 years old is more like 10 or 11. To top it off she has a hole between her mouth and sinus cavity from overfeeding of crap dog treats and lack of any dental care. To small a mouth to have chewed bones. Thus resu
  16. I feel forced to point out again that Willie Nelson STILL.....looks like hell.
  17. Before, during and after the storm. Not a solitary dang given. I Don't Care if it's Noon https://imgur.com/gallery/lIm5ljI
  18. I don't know where they keep the golf clubs in the Depot, but machetes are one isle over from the door they came through. Just sayin', ugly is ugly when it comes necessary. The tool is the only thing in question.
  19. Shooter released from custody. They don't let you go without arraignment on a shooting unless evidence is pretty plain for it being justified.
  20. I get the point about guns. And I don't know who jumped who. But assuming that the 33 yo wouldn't get off the 62 yo, if that old man is me, I'm assuming one of us has to die. At that point if I have to get a piece of rebar out of the concrete section I'm going to try my best to make it him. Gun or long piece of steel, either way it's going to be bad ugly.
  21. Y'all settle down out there. https://www.ajc.com/news/breaking-news/breaking-person-shot-home-depot-paulding-county-authorities-say/iwLZ7SWxmgygrnQctRNtpK/
  22. Local "newspaper" says there is sewer expansion going in there. I didn't recall that the whole Kroger center was on a private sewage treatment plant. This ought to open that intersection up to being all it can be. Commercial usually follows roof count and thats already there for this area. Could be something.
  23. The vet said she's lost most of her teeth. They even had to pull one that was barely hanging on. They gave her a rabies shot, handed me her tag and said it was "in case she gummed anybody".
  24. She got up and walked over and around to sneaky climb in my lap for the first time this morning. First affection shown. It's SO over. I had asked y'all to keep an eye out for a smaller, short haired, particularly lazy dog. Danged is left field didn't deliver that exact picture. I gotta change the laying around part to match the new diet asap though.
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