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  1. We are going tomorrow. That being said I'm taking any future medical advise from you with a grain of salt. As SHE!!!! is spradel legged in the picture.
  2. I can't stand it! Your starting to win me over https://imgur.com/gallery/0vJAsOX
  3. We're gonna start with no more treats and a reasonable amount of food. She's only eaten about two bites in the last 24 hours. There's a little depression going on, but we'll get there.
  4. Apparently, it insists that I will be the parent of a female chihuahua. Meet Coco (that's right, I got a little dog with a stripper name). She came to stay yesterday. She's 8 I'm told and obese as anybody can see. You Gotta Sleep Sometime! https://imgur.com/gallery/nKGQt02 She came with a small bag and a medium size bag of food and probably $40 worth of treats. I'm gonna have to be the bad guy and the good guy all at the same time for a while. Lots of attention and a serious diet.
  5. Yes'em I was. Even in a group. That right there ain't right. A man my age in a place like that without being somebodies pawpaw.....well, I have to go back to the Chuck E Cheese example. I stopped for a beer once at the way overpriced bar there in the building at 92 & 120. This is mid afternoon, (hey, it was hot, I'm retired). Just out of curiosity I walked thru the other side. Nobody in the place and I still felt creepy away from the bowling lanes. Now something in the parking lot there at the neon golf where folks would also have a bar option would be ideal, but way bigger than we are a
  6. "Witnesses said they saw McDougal walk back to the truck at the time of the blast, according to state police." I disagree with your assessment in that if one sees a bomb on fire, one should not amble back towards said bomb while said fire is in progress.
  7. A loss like that is bound to affect family and friends. Their loss shouldn't be disregarded or deminished and that's not my intent. But that right there is Darwin Award territory.
  8. A great off the wall idea generated by the computer disposal thread. Since shooting is like bacon and just makes everything better and more fun. And there was a thought about an activity we could get folks together for. We'll form the pcom shooting club .....all get a gun and form up down to the shooting range off I-20 west. That's the ticket......everybody armed and in one place commiserating. What could go wrong?
  9. You'll notice that no part of that seemed to make him happier than shooting it. Shootings like bacon, it makes everything better and more fun. I once new a guy that got pretty happy about the break of cold weather every year cause he was going to get to shoot hogs to make bacon. Circle of life man.......choot it!
  10. Do you have a rifle that needs to be sighted in? Maybe a sledge hammer and an old interalized grudge? Leaves that need burning? There's only so far anybody's going to go that might just happen across it after it's tossed. Unless you're actually some sort of international spy or overly wealthy individual.
  11. Speaking of the freeze. How my life works: Checked the propane tank a little while back, sitting on 33%. Figured up to be just about enough to make it thru cold weather. Just to be safe I checked it again Sunday, close enough to zero as to be unreadable. Have no idea how the heat was still on. Call Gas Inc. the second I wake up Monday morning and they tell me they can't get any out here before sometime Wednesday. Having been awake for less than 10 minutes I'm afraid I didn't react too well to the fact they couldn't get a load of propane from Dallas to Nebo Rd. in less time than Amazon can g
  12. Enough to freeze a running system, I'd bet not. Oh, and knees, knuckles, thumbs, one shoulder and three toes are still aching to beat the band. But I'd still bet not.
  13. If changing the setting fixed it and then it started again, I'd check the setting again at least. It would be weird for it to default to that different setting but hey, weird things happen. Or it could be somebody just screwin' with you. Anybody set to take over the company if you're dragged off drooling? This might be a stupid question in this day and age but, is it an optical mouse or is your mouse old enough to have a ball?
  14. That traffic flow in the entire area was obsolete 20 years ago. How that has escaped reconfiguration is beyond reason. Just guessing, but I'd almost bet it comes down to the value of one, maybe two parcels that would be required to demo.
  15. Just saw a commercial on TV and apparently they are still selling hair in a can, so anythings possible.
  16. As an older single gentleman, who doesn't want the cops called on 'em, I'd just have to go with a hard no on the neon mini golf. Having the wife with ya is one thing. By yourself is just a bad look. Kind a like going to Chuck E Cheese and swearing it's for the pizza.
  17. Wish I could help you out with that, but I'm kind of a "hunt and poke" problem solver. Just get in there and really root around until the issue at hand is resolved. ...............................................And I testified to that at the divorce when asked what I was doing at the neighbors. Problem solving.
  18. Maybe, go into your account and set this particular alert to go to your email and/or text alerts to your cell. 3 hits, one behind the other, ought to get your attention. Nothings perfect.
  19. If you're willing to kind of "start over", there's a solution. I've done this before here but it's been awhile. Note this will have limited to no success if you keep your current number(s). There are several ways to get a phone number for next to nothing per month. Mostly VOIP services. Acquire one and this will be the number you use for any and all purposes that might lead to the number being put into a database and sold. So all forms, references, call backs, the bank, credit cards, etc., anything but a private individual that you want to hear from right away when they call, The vast majo
  20. Logic says you'd most likely suck. Why would the opposition be disinclined to come watch you suck? Matter of fact is was at a pcom sponsored/partnered/something event that I saw you and LPPT for the first time. I remember thinking to myself "Man, what a pair that is.", then a little later I saw you too. Barumpbumpching.
  21. Ok, y'all didn't like that one. So here's another off the wall idea. If you have hot dogs for supper, and to those hot dogs you add a single piece of bacon per each, and you own a pet pig, have you just added insult to injury? And do you make him watch you eat it?
  22. ...retired this morning on The Georgia Gang. I hadn't heard that it was coming. It kinda feels like losing an old friend suddenly. Hate that.
  23. It seems to me that a large percentage of us that are left are of, shall we say, some years of experience. I apologize to you pre-arthritics that may have gotten lumped in there. That being the case, the chances of there being a pcom softball team are a little long. That don't eliminate all the old folk activities though. Now personally I'd really like to take up ping pong again, but that requires a private space. Although I did work for one guy that put a table on the dance floor of his bar during the week. Almost had to get another one cause, on rainy days especially, there was a line to pl
  24. I was negligent in my reply, but the additional posts kinda points up the link. Notice the one word in both rnc's and the op's posts. Google. Once you give Google your info, it's off to the races. Every device you use, on which you are signed in to Google, is going to result in all that going into the little "you" file on their server. Unless you uncouple from them, and Amazon, eBay, etc., etc.; entirely there's no more getting away from it to some degree. The Unabomber was ahead of his time maybe. And then there's the whole "bomb" thing. Thats a problem.
  25. Looked at them where? On line? If so then it's probably cookies on your system. If it was in person, you might want to turn off location on your phone. And maybe look at your app permissions if this kinda thing worries you. Does me.
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