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  1. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and leave the Nissan where it is. Breaks my heart to say that. My favorite car ever was a Datsun 1200 Deluxe. Couldn't tear it up or make it stop running. Now....not so much.
  2. What with y'all being independently wealthy and what all, here ya go: Ars Technica: The 2020 Cadillac XT6: Better than an Escalade in every way. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2019/07/the-2020-cadillac-xt6-better-than-an-escalade-in-every-way/
  3. Forever more to be known as the Tip O'Neil ruling. It will be referenced, betcha.
  4. There goes at least 3 annual threads.
  5. Quoating from LPPT's report on the issue in another thread. "The county government has been repaying the bond since 2016 after the building authority found it did not have the revenue from assets like the movie studio to make the payments." "Paulding County owes more than $6 million on the original $7.9 million bond, which included $5.5 million to build the studio." The numbers were indeed not advantageous as this set does not include any operating loses. Bet there's some of that to throw in as well. Could explain the as yet unmoderated political diatribe introduced above.
  6. Biscuits and a drive thru window go together like....like....well....biscuits and gravy.
  7. If the numbers were advantageous, I'd expect to be tripping over references to them by now. Was that a political bomb thrown in a previous post? We there again?
  8. The great American search for the elusive four wheel drive tri-cycle.
  9. Sign seemed to indicate that they have webcams for the boarding now.
  10. Are you limited on the number of folks you have to help move him? Four folks and a doubled bedsheet can get this move done. Shout out if you need help.
  11. Being the proud companion of a fat little chihuahua (she had lost 10ozs as of last week) and having no experience as such, I dont feel qualified to cut her toenails. If I was to hurt her I'd probably freak out, so homey don't do that. She had started gnawing at her toenails and I took that as a sign and headed down what I thought to be the path of least resistance...Petsmart. Website said no appointment and $10. Drive down there and fight the crowd. Stand there in this exceeding loud little place in the back with my nervous little dog for 10 minutes waiting on them to get to me. Walk up final
  12. Target? Bullseye? Spot Marks the X? Tinkle? I know tinkle a stretch for the theme, but you can't expect greatness at midnight.
  13. Can you believe amazon threw a sale for me. Thanks to the sale and a shot out memory, every day will be my birthday for the next 4 or 5. It was either me or somebody picked out all the stuff I really wanted.
  14. Thank ya, ma'am. It was a big day....one word.....enchiladas.
  15. Glad you mentioned this. Went to try BK out the other day, it was about half full. I've got hearing issues now admittedly, but it seemed like the place was abnormally loud to me. So much so that I got to looking around at the design of the place and it seems almost purposefully built for that kind of acoustics. Maybe to discourage just such.
  16. I miss the hairdresser and crafter fights. Those were so much less predictable and way more entertaining than the political stuff. Don't miss the "mean girls" club. You always knew what was coming from them.
  17. Same BK of which I speak young lady.
  18. Back when the dinosaurs roamed and I was a child, standing at the counter you where looking down the barrel of the flame broiler. Seen one lately?
  19. Feel free to run with it. This could turn in to that book you know is inside you. I have a few ideas about a side trip you'd take to San Francisco. It goes into a short To Wong Foo esk chapter from there. Until Seattle that is. One word......grunge. Bringing it back and touring your way back across the country. So many ideas.
  20. I have know evidence what so ever that this is true. And there is absolutely no reason to believe it. But I heard he became an Uber driver. And last anybody heard a rich drunk guy has hired him to drive to California. He was gonna check in from the road. Ought to be a hell of a story.
  21. It took two posts to get from "What's going on at the grocery store?", to politics. Maybe not a record, but a damn fine average. Congratulations
  22. Massive amounts of cars at the Ingles and several "command center" or man camp trailers at the church up the road. Are we being invaded and nobody told me? Anybody know what's going on?
  23. All I know is that in the mid 90's a waiter at the Sundial was making $350 a weekend night if it was slow. That tells me it just ain't gonna work for me. What with the fainting when I see the menu prices and all.
  24. You know what fish DO in that water?
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