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  1. I get it, but still Walmart turns the whole idjit paradigm on its head. With no scientific proof what so ever, I'd bet ya bunches that way better than 50% of the idjits in society today are men. In wally world that ratio is inverse.
  2. Gonna stop setting arbitrary goals this year. And in 2020..........no more goals at all!!!!! Seriously though, I started a quest about 3 years ago. Wanna cross that goal line this year if there's any way possible.
  3. The greens are supposed to be dollars and the peas were pennies according to my hillbilly momma. The more you ate, the more you'd have of each in the year. Personally, I think it's to flush ya out from Christmas. Cause if you eat a bunch of peas and greens all in one day, well, let's just say thou shalt be moved. Turnip greens stink up the house and I've always hated black eyed peas. So over the years it's become pintos and pan fried ham with fresh spinach sauteed to deglaze the pan. Seasoned with Slap Ya Mama hot pepper blend.
  4. That's why all this is in the past. Unless your running a neighborhood joint with enough neighborhood to support you now, you're toast. This was a time when Paulding came to Cobb to party. If you didn't go to the cut'n'shoots in Austell, you came to me. You know, back when drinkin and drivin was more a sport than a crime.
  5. Actually ma'am, you are entirely correct. Mike and Joel (Joel is an acquaintance of mine) sold to Tony Cole (my very good friend, RIP) and it became Tony's. There was some idjits in between, then Dolly (who was a lot of things to me, RIP). Edited to add, M&J's was rockin at the same time as Terry's. And that was my family vet.
  6. If your a young'un, this won't be you. There's one or two folks here that I've just got an inkling have crossed my path in the way back yonder. I mean that in a good way. Course there may be the odd example of the reverse as well. Giving that there may have been someone from my day job, it's more likely one of the other two jobs/careers (how long do you have to have done something for it to be a career?). Anyway, one y'all might admit too, the others less likely. Without anybody having to give up any anonymity, I propose to mention the names of some former Cobb "establishments". If you ever s
  7. Edited to add:Yep, I looked it up. Same folks, but the closest store is in Baxley, GA on the way to Savannah. Dagnabit, your right, that's some good pizza right there. Good enough that I'm for some reason vaguely hacked off I didn't know they where still around.
  8. Pizza Inn is still in business? The last one I remember was on a hill right off South Cobb Dr. in Smyrna up behind the bbq place. They had the best beef pizza ever. But they closed I believe in the 90's.
  9. Sounds like discrimination as to the part of the pig suitable for pie to me. Rooter or tooter, its all pork.Equal opportunity pizza.
  10. See, now that theres interestin'. I never pictured you as the devil on the bad shoulder sayin' "do it".
  11. With a slice of the white pressed into the crook of my arm, trying to mainline. Garlic dripping of my elbow.
  12. Due to a diagnosis in 2013 I haven't had a single bite of pizza since sometime in 2012. Not once. Sat and watched people eat it and was satisfied with a salad and whatever else I could pick off the menu. Never giving in. But..... I can't stop thinking about mellow mushroom. For a month now I've been craving a white pizza from there. I almost resolved to get one for Christmas and talked myself out of it. But the craving just won't go away. Whatdayathink? Everything's under control. Lost the weight and kept it off for years now. Do I give in and make that call? Will I still respect myself in t
  13. Good luck. I can't go to a shelter without feeling like my souls crushed. If you don't find the one for you. you're leaving dogs in cages. If you do find the one, you're still leaving dogs in cages.That's just not.......... I can't express it right I guess. The best dogs I ever had just walked up to me in the yard. Never knew for sure where they came from. They just showed up and didn't leave, it ain't like I have a fence, it was their choice. The last one I just wasn't ready for. But I understand she's fat and happy across town. https://imgur.com/gallery/46sOJAN Still looking for that sho
  14. If that ain't the only breaker ya gots, look at one of the others.
  15. Finally remembered to stop and look. Parking lot being prepared for asphalt. Electrical going in. A multitude of cardboard boxes on pallets outside. Have to have been delivered today. I figure 3 weeks to a month on the building and however long it takes to hire and train after that.
  16. Ya hear good things about the egg. Size is something to think about. My number one suggestion is if they've ever talked about what they want, listen close. Years ago someone complained for years that they didn't know what to get me. So one year I spelled it out while I was talking to them over time. Brand, size, almost to the model number. Then they discussed it with a friend and the two of them decided to get me the grill on the back porch now instead. It's been used twice in a decade.
  17. For Christmas one year, I planned to give my girlfriend and her kids their first big tv and cable for the first time. I got them all out of the house for the day the installer was coming. He shows up and I open the door to a guy I once gave a place to stay when he had nowhere to go. Christmas morning they woke up to a "big screen" (it was the 80's, so it was like 36") playing in the living room with a mile long line of the filters they used back then to let the premium channels thru to the box. Every channel they had and I had prepaid a year of basic cable.
  18. Back in the 80's I was living in a house off Austell Rd. For some reason the cable company stopped sending bills. Well you don't really "miss" paying a bill when your young and broke. So it was a couple three months before it dawned on me that there'd been no bill. By that time if I say something its a bigger bill than I can pay, so I just shut up and waited for them to shut it off. Yeah I know I'm an awful person and all, but that was free cable for about two years until we moved.
  19. Today in the mail were two pieces from the insurance company. One was a check for over payment on an auto policy. The other was a bill for another auto policy for 10 times the amount of the check. What ya got?
  20. Website mentions a Hiram location, but lists the owner as "TBD".
  21. Supposed to open in the death spot off 278 in the back of the little shopping center. I think that spot has eaten like 4 different places so far. Supposed to's ain't what they used to be though.
  22. Generally, a trench collapse indicates the lack of use of a trench box. Which kind of indicates the quality of the contractors operation in general. Yep, that has proven to be just an extra fine engineer/contractor team down there.
  23. This will be my one Christmas thought and then I'll shut up. Most of what I have to say this time of year are the things best kept to yourself. Again, I don’t know how to explain things briefly, so this could take a minute. Understandably, this season and all of its trappings often move folks spirits to a need for charitable acts. Well, I have a suggestion that if you can find it in your heart to follow, I guarantee you’’ll make a relatively long term improvement in someone's life that won’t cost you a cent. You’re probably gonna think you know where I’m headed, and you'll be right about t
  24. I had wondered. The tent and all stayed and decayed. Nobody looked. This is why I won't get another cat at my age. MDJOnline.com: Construction workers find man dead off Hiram-Douglasville Highway. https://www.mdjonline.com/neighbor_newspapers/west_georgia/news/construction-workers-find-man-dead-off-hiram-douglasville-highway/article_f74ed6c4-f7f0-11e8-9c04-034ebc57567f.html
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