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  1. Absolutely! Just as long as the two of us together don't exceed the GVWR
  2. Don't know if the picture will work. But the "Loud Pipe Haters" would REALLY hate me and mine! I just refere to it as obnoxiously loud.
  3. It's tough duty I know, but I had to leave y'all for a while during this rough patch to come down to Panama City for the Thunder Beach Fall Bike Rally. Prepaid reservations and all ya know. For the record, it had nothing to do with the babes, bikes and brew....honest! One thing that's predictable about an event like this is that a couple dozen times a day, somebodies gonna ask you that familiar question "Where ya from?". Every time it's the same response when I tell them I'm from Hiram and/or Paulding County. They'll have that moment of recognition and start to say that they've seen us o
  4. None...but I have the cutest little mole with hairs growing out of it so that it looks like my Grandma when she would get up in the morning and before she shaved!
  5. After 30 years and 11 months of actual service and with 34 years of creditable service, today is the day I retire. There will be drinking and maybe some towards the middle of the drinking. You never now by the time it's all said and done, maybe even a little So y'all lift a glass with me sometime today wherever you may be or for the more adventurous among ya, PM for directions to the ice cold bottle of Patron that'll be out on the back porch this evening.
  6. If you have the sound run through a seperate system and not straight through the tv, I'm betting you have the mute function on.
  7. No ma'am, it's every word true. These folks exist and they walk amongst us. Now Jack is the same fella I had with me in the truck one night headed south on 278. As we passed Hooter's, they had a sign up that said "52 Beer Special". Well, Jack was just real quite for the next couple of miles. That's unusual for him. A good 4 or 5 minutes had passed when he turned to me, with all the senserity in the world and asked, "Can't nobody drink no 52 beers in one night........can they?"
  8. I'm sure he was a fine snake.....as snakes go. Sorry, I just hadda do that. I don't think anybody took the time to get familiar with him. I was told there were a couple of brown snakes in the room after it was over though!
  9. His Dad built this part of this house back in the 50's and didn't really have a handle on carpentry. So some of the holes for the utilties aren't exactly "to code" so to speak. Best they can figure, it came down out of the attic through the hole for the fan wiring. It's that one house that you see around these parts with brand new sub-divisions all the way around it and this one old clunker house in the middle.
  10. May not be y'alls kinda thing, but this goes over big at the house and it's fairly cheap. Entire meal on two burners. Grocery's: 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 lbs Ground Beef 1/3 - 1/2 of a Sweet or Yellow Onion 1 Can of Mushroom Pieces and Stems 1 Box of Beef flavor Rice-a-Roni 2 Cups - Cans or Jars of Brown Gravy Butter, Margarine or Oil - margarine works best 1 can of Vegetables - Peas work great, but to each his/her own Brown the meat while cooking the onions at the same time. Drain and set aside. Prepare Rice-a Roni according to package directions. At the end of the cooking
  11. So my buddy comes by and starts to tell me this story of what happened to him the night before. Now you gotta picture this family. We're talking old school country folks. Been in Dallas since Moby Dick was a minnow. He's sitting in his bedroom in a chair next to the bed watching TV. His sister comes into the room, sits down on the bed to watch with him and kinda leans back and looks up. She say's "Jack! (Name changed to protect the guilty) Is that a snake on the ceiling fan?" Now he's figuring that she's snuck into the room earlier and put a rubber snake up there to scare him, so he's not
  12. Sorry. life long bureaucrat here. In my world, believe it or not, that was a crystal clear answer. To everything in the last post please add: Yes. the judgement originally imposed must be satisfied as rendered unless or until it is modified by a subsequent order of the court.
  13. From the AJC regarding the Genarlow Wilson case, quoting the relevant Ga. Statute. This was finely tailored for this particular case but was written this way, I understand, to reflect consistency with other Ga laws. This was in order for the legislature to be able to claim that they were not giving "special treatment" to Wilson. At the same time they knew any half butted lawyer could go back to court with the ammended law and have the sentence reduced to time served. Which was actually what ended up happening. Thus having the desired effect without there direct intervention. "Some 18 mont
  14. The families dead and gone, so there isn't anyone to ask. What I remember is that he was backing across the tracks in Hiram. I specifically remeber that because it was the first time I ever heard of Hiram, and thought it was funny that a town had a guy's name. Remember I was 9 at the time (I think). He was delivering a load of shirts from Oxford Mfg. A train running an estimated 70 in a 35 mph zone came around a nearby curve. Dad saw it in time to drop into gear and spun the tires on a loaded truck for a few feet. He managed to get the cab off the tracks and the train cut through the trai
  15. Thank you both. I don't hold out much hope, it was so long ago. Just figured something like that may have made a little news around here 40 years ago.
  16. Around 1970, give or take a year, there was a tractor-trailer struck by a train in Hiram. Does anyone remember any details of the accident? Things like which crossing, the condition of the vehicle afterward, if there was any local uproar to get the trains to slow down through town. (I was told that the train was running like 70 mph.) The driver was my Dad and I've always wondered about the details of the accident that changed the lives of my entire family. Thanks for any help you can be.
  17. 14-Year-Old Crashes Dad’s SUV On Way To Buy Skittles... where to go for car upholstry, needs to be open on Saturdays
  18. As it is with most of the little troubles life throws in our path, it's important to remember that this too shall pass.
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