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  1. This has been extended through today February 26th - thanks!
  2. American Cancer Society - Relay For Life Today is the day! Our Matching Challenge is Today and today ONLY!! For EVERY $25 donation(or increments of $25) that is made to you or to your team we will Match it! So $25=$50...$50=$100 and so on. If a brand new team member joins your team they will need to make a $35 donation($10 for registration and $25 to be matched). If you don't have a team please give to Turner's Pack! Thank you! http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLCY14SA?team_id=1470660&pg=team&fr_id=60141&__utma=54177207.735857725.1385500977.13
  3. I imagine it's called "World Series" because it's the top tournament of each league for each age group. A family vacation and playing baseball--I think that is kids being kids--not ridiculous. BTW--I do agree parents should pay or kids should do fundraisers.
  4. Paulding County teams play Dizzy Dean League -- not Little League. Every age group has a different World Series -- that's why so many teams from the same county go each year. And yes--if they go to a World Series they are Champs! I don't think this is what CC wanted with this topic though -- I'll pass your info along to those I know doing fundraising--thank you!
  5. You'd have to have very tough skin--looks sharp. Maybe on the hemorrhoid pillow--from the color I'm thinking maybe for a hunter in his stand.
  6. Can anyone tell me what this is? Each rod is 14" long and there are small sharp spikes on either under the plastic. Or this? It is inflatable-- 35X35" with a 5X5" hole in the center.
  7. Two trucks pick up at my house. I love my huge recycling can!
  8. Bought first kid's from school--over $350--then learned Walmart carried them--but he is 21 and still loves it. Second kid decided to take the money and skip the ring. For letter jacket M & L Enterprises in Marietta (678) 644-7957
  9. I think Dr. Zolty with Georgia Lung Associates is the doctor we saw with my grandfather. He was 89 with lung cancer (he also had dementia). Dr. Zolty was helpful to us and very patient with my grandfather.
  10. Copied from http://www.methpaulding.org/ It’s time for the 6th Annual Meth Alliance of Paulding 5k March Against Meth & 5K/10K run! Friday, June 15th Silver Comet Trail / Leggett Park Trailhead Seaboard Avenue - Hiram Registration 5pm Races 7pm March 7:15pm Paws Against Meth Dog Contests 8pm Registration Form -- Team Registration Form -- Individual Pledges Form Sponsorship Information -- Sponsorship Form For More Information, Contact Linda Verscharen at 678.202-5777 and/or Email Linda Here Warning Signs of Meth Use If you suspect that someone you love is using m
  11. Are you also selling raffle tickets to win a jeep?
  12. My oldest had to read this book too and loved it--so did I.
  13. So sorry you and your son are dealing with this--especially during his graduation week. I'm glad you found so many people here to help you.
  14. Prayers for you and your family.
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