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  1. Well Stonewall now I know who you are. I hurt for you all as well as myself. They'll never be another Steve. Still unreal to me. He was like the brother I never had. You're all in my prayers.
  2. Give my husband a call. George at 404-787-2542.
  3. So sorry for the family's loss. I remember him from Hiram High School.
  4. Give my husband George a call. 404-787-2542 he does that sort of thing.
  5. Would she be interested in being a live in care giver?? I know a nice elderly couple that is trying to find someone. There is pay too.
  6. They're actually not mushrooms. Something in the fungus family.
  7. They have a lot where you can wait now and he can call you when he gets outside. I think it's called the cell phone lot or something like that. . It just before you get to the curve at the entrance on the right. Very convenient and no charge.
  8. Ummmm. Guys. FYI The new VW bugs have the engines in the FRONT. Look closely.
  9. My late husband was in the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. 68-69
  10. How about "shed" as in "Do you want to get shed of that?" (get rid of)
  11. I lived between the two but have moved. I rent my house out there now. But that's a great idea!!
  12. My opinion exactly!! If you don't like his decision go shop somewhere else.
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