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    I have the same issue with a woman named Yvonne Connaly
  2. Apparently I can still see the threads but not the posts. This may be my favorite pcom feature.
  3. I've been a member for about 5 years and finally had to put someone on ignore. Of course now the new thread count has dropped by half.
  4. And then there are people who have been in and out of rehabs, who have been sent to counseling, put on anti-depressants, yet still decided to use. Addiction is a horrible disease that wrecks everything in its path. Some people just refuse to see they have a problem. As to the heroin, apparently it has been very popular for quite a while back where I'm from. I've heard of so many classmates that have overdosed in the last few years. And we're talking about a lily white middle class suburb of Cincinnati. When I was growing up the worst I heard about was kids drinking underage, and some tryi
  5. I took Bactrim (I think that's what it was called) after my second c-section. I was close to the end of recovery and started showing signs of infection so they put me on it. I was on a 10 day regiment, and on day 7 I started getting a weird rash. It was warm, and I thought it might be just a heat rash. The next day my face started to burn and my lips were burning bad. Later that day I started having pain all over my lower body, my legs hurt so bad that I couldn't keep them still. I just kept moving them to make the pain stop. We were away from home and I called my doctor and she said to stop t
  6. thanks for including that last point. My MIL is doing this and I was considering asking my doctor about it, but knowing that I'm allergic to sulfur drugs I'll pass. The one time I tool a sulfa antibiotic I ended up in the ER.
  7. Rise of the machines! And to the paperless comment. I am using probably 90% less paper now than I was 5 years ago in the same type of work. Not to mention bill pay I do on line where I don't write checks. I still like to get bills in the mail as a reminder though.
  8. This looks like a case of an infant being in a car seat in a basket and not being strapped into the car seat. That's just dumb. If my kids were in the car seat in the cart they were strapped in to the carrier. Right now my oldest refuses to get in a buggy, but the youngest one sits in the seat.
  9. I currently have a job, and haven't really been looking for a while. My husband is looking, but the Dothan job market isn't great. He's got two possibilities but they are low paying, and not ideal.
  10. If the economy was doing great it wouldn't matter what their business model was. Obviously I'm being facetious.
  11. No, I'm not ok with that. The difference is my kids didn't ask to be born into the situation we are in. I don't think that any child should have to suffer because their parents can't afford basics. Especially in my case where my daughter needs to see specialists for her heart and for her vision. So it bothers me, but not as much as it does when grown adults have their insurance subsidized. Again, I was paying for insurance before this. It didn't cover what the government mandated, but it worked for me and my family. I could pay my way then. I can't as it is now. So you took a family of 4
  12. Because I don't believe that health insurance is a right. I certainly don't think that it is something that someone else should have to pay for on my behalf. We were paying for my husband to have this same insurance until January. Now instead of paying that we are paying less, so who picks up the difference? Why should I be a burden on someone else?
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