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  1. And his has cost way much more and those who trashed Jerry in the last election felt getting David in there would move his suit forward. Well it did not and all I am seeing is someone who is bent on destroying someone just because they happened to work for the past admin. He should be moaning about David, not Beverly.
  2. Either you provide proof or your accusations mean zero. Is that clearer for you? More accusations with no credibility. Why are you not going after the other people running eh? I call bull..prove it.
  3. Again, provide the proof that Beverly was crooked and also provide the proof that Jerry was crooked.
  4. With all that is happening in our great nation, time to take a time out and salute our veterans of past wars who died for our freedom. Although Memorial Day has presently indirectly honored all of our Armed Forces, it is really about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of present and past wars.
  5. You are correct as one of the reasons she is running and getting my vote. And I was only 8 years old like it matters to me today; like I had something to say back then.
  6. One more time...Beverly had a CONTRACT...it doesn't matter how she got it, she had a contract signed by David. When a contract is broken, there is compension due to the affected party. It is plain and simple and such cases go to court all the time when contracts are broken. I'd like to see some of you naysayers who are moaning and groaning go and create a contract with another party that involves anything and then they break it. What would you do? I know what you would. This is so stupid it is pathetic. A contract is a contract, period. Based on what you read here by vi
  7. And to add, I am not in District 19 so I cannot vote but I do support her.
  8. No it is not although she did one time and the one she did vote yes on, it would not have mattered since the rest voted to raise the tax which with her no vote, wouldn't have mattered. She does regret it. She was the most anti-tax person on the board and when the rest wanted to raise the tax, she was always the loner and they would always put pressure on her but she didn't bend. She has said many times that raising taxes is not always the answer but the rest did not want to hear of it. You can ask her about all of this now by contacting her or on June 19th at the Republican Meet and Gr
  9. Reminder.... Also, I am waiting on a list of candidates showing up and I believe at last count, there were approx. 20+ showing up.
  10. Uh-ha.....in bold. Doing some backtracking now huh and adding a new accusation? Give it up, Surepip, you lost the issue.
  11. No, you saw just as I saw and she had a contract that was broken. Any person would sue if they had a contract and it was broken.
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