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  1. Does anyone know anything about this? It was horrific! I have photo, but it has been forever since I have been on and don't know how to load it from my gallery.
  2. We heard some sirens. The dog started howling, then 2 GSP came flying (almost 2 wheelin' it). They were hauling. I live off Mt. Tabor Church Road. Any one have an idea of what is happening?
  3. The following are 'in network' A) William Bennett - A Smile 4 U Theodore Harless C) Hector Bush - Orthodontic Care of Hiram D) Farshid Nia - Hiram Center for Family Dentistry If you have had a personal experience (good or bad), please inform. Needing to get something going really soon. Thanks The smiley is a actually a capital b
  4. We are needing a pet sitter recommedation. Both of our last 2 have left the business, so we are strung out w/out a sitter this year. Please leave name and number. If you would like us to use your name as a referral, send me a message. Thank you
  5. He is pretty what ever he may be. I guessed a hawk as soon as I saw him, but not sure what kind.
  6. I was keeping up with her through her divorce, and I understood it to be she found out he had been running around on her for a very long time before she found out. And Kenny Chesney is rumored to be gay, yes. The "Come Over" video to me is such a comedy.
  7. Somebody get a stick....I just saw that DEAD HORSE!!!
  8. I said this in Vegas and the dealer 'bout died laughing when I explained what it meant: "You got a mouse in your pocket?" pertaining to if someone (me) saying WE are going to do something and the other person (my husband) does not want to participate in the event (usually housework). He would ask if I have a mouse in my pocket and is that the WE I am talking about.
  9. Funny...according to the Fastread page, East got rid of those rotten ass kids.
  10. Ours is working too, but HD keeps pixelling so badly that it is annoying to watch. If they are going to be the biggest network they should get the technology to keep up with their customer numbers! I see Direct TV in my football season future and then I will get all the games
  11. 1st week!!!! Been waiting all year and we are back in the oldin' days with audio and no video! Can you say pissed. I pay bookoos of $ for every freakin channel and can't get the 1 freakin channel I want to watch. Any one else experiencing this?
  12. In the past four years all I, personally, have seen only (-). No +.
  13. Hopefully demolition. I feel I need to renew all my vaccinations just looking at the building.
  14. We went Tuesday night. The best thing I can say was the Totopos Salad w/grilled chicken, dried cranberries (I had them add that) & the Mango type dressing was pretty freakin' good. And that is really all the positive I can say about it.
  15. My scouts started in K and 2nd grade. We kept out troop together until the olders finished 5th. I would always encourage parents to enter their children into Scouts. Meet all the leaders before committing.
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