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  1. Mine has started shutting off randomly and its so annoying! Thank you for posting!
  2. I was wondering the same thing. I'm hoping its the new park but I thought it was supposed to be further down the road.
  3. Its my 1st year in 14 years that I am not doing back to school but instead I'm doing back to college My son moves in to his dorm at North GA Tech on August 15th. We are so proud of him but I'm going to miss him like crazy!
  4. The old Swaffords gas station across from Roses store on Buchannan Hwy has been up for sale for a while. We noticed that it has a sold sign on it but they also had a zoning ordinance sign up for a meeting in Feb. Does anyone know who bought it or what its supposed to be?
  5. I totally agree! My son is a teen driver and he goes to South. I absolutely hate that he has to turn left off of Friendship Church Rd onto Ridge Rd every day after school. I feel its a dangerous intersection as well. It's hard to see around the shrubbery in the yard on the left and it hinders the drivers view. I really wish they would make it a 3 way stop.
  6. They have always been rude to my husband & son. But I've never had a bad experience. Maybe it's just men?
  7. 21-7 South over East. We run this county!!!! Go Spartans!
  8. Who's ready for Friday Night Lights?????? So ready to watch the Spartans take on the Raiders! Let's Go South!!!!!!
  9. It won't let me vote for some reason so I'll share my votes here. Hiram over Paulding County North Paulding over Cartersville and of course SOUTH over East!!!! Go Spartans!!!!!!!
  10. It's at Allatoona Douglas County High Alumni here!
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