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    Very well put. I agree with you.
  2. I just went to the "I" store to buy Libby canned pumpkin and it was priced $1.98 a can!! YIKES!! The "I" brand was .89 a can and at the "K" store their brand was 1.00 a can. Has anyone ever used the private label pumpkin and what is you take on it?
  3. I love this place. Everytime I go in you have new stuff!!
  4. Here is a shout out to wish Pubby a Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is a great one!!
  5. Thanks also for our load. It is perfect. We are already enjoying it!!!
  6. You beat me to the post. We also got a load of wood yesterday. We love the way his wood burns and the quality of the wood is unbeatable. We found him on paulding.com and he has been one of the best businesses we have used from here. Bring on the cold!!
  7. I was in there yesterday and I LOVE that place. I could spend hours there looking at all their neat stuff. I see a lot of Christmas shopping with them!!!
  8. Thank you all so much. I will give her all of this information.
  9. I have a friend that needs to know how to apply for food stamps. She would appreciate any information.
  10. I would love to also have the info please. Thanks
  11. I don't believe these post. I did not take the original post for anything except "IDEAS". While I do not know this person I do know I did not feel she was in any way asking for anyone to give her money. I offered because sometimes things in life happen that we are not looking to happen and they do carry a price tag we may not have budgeted. I am just in shock, give it a rest. My mom always taught me if you can't say good, don't say anything. If someone on here has a problem with this person that is your problem,not mine and I don't care to hear it. Sorry if this come across mean, it is not intended to, but geeezzz.I think all adults know if they quit smoking they will save money, wasn't that a little uncalled for. I don't know if she smokes or not, and guess what, I don't care. My offer of $5.00 still stands and I can assure you it will do me more than $5.00 worth of good to help someone that did not ask for a cash donation.
  12. Congrats. Opportunities like this are amazing and I know what you mean about a financial strain. I admire the work you are putting into this to make it happen. While I am broke, and currently unemployed, I am not to the point that a $5.00 donation would ruin me. I have to feel there are many others on this board that would do the same to help someone make their dreams come true and further their education. If you will set up a paypal accout and put the info on here I will gladly put $5.00 into it. It may not be much but every little bit counts! Best of luck to you.
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