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  1. Around 10:: my son heard a big boom that shook the ground. We live between Dallas and New Hope. Anyone else hear it/know about it?
  2. I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.
  3. I think you have the right to have any dress code you want at your church. Go for it, and God bless you. But I personally would have a problem with any church that thought of it as their church and not God's church, driving seekers away simply because they were not wearing the proper uniform. But that's just me.
  4. Although today was Jammies for Jesus day today at our church....
  5. Music, please.... IT'S FUN TO STAY AT THE Y Y Y Y.
  6. Not sure, but let me have it for a few minutes, and I and my wife will figure it out.
  8. My parents did the charts with me on occasion. It was a weekly thing when they did it. I learned about goals from that. I don't remember the rewards I got. I just remember the achievement. Praise and love and feeling good are what I remember.
  9. Yes, but the island was under water in the parallel reality (Heaven's Waiting Room), which is where Smokey has popped out. I submit that the Gulf Coast is dead or dying, and we are all just part of the waiting room until the folks who haven't died yet do.
  10. Try this: Watch the video feed and make little clickie chucklie sounds.
  11. I mean, the island was shown at the bottom of the ocean earlier in the season...
  12. I don't know how many of y'all have tuned in to the live video link to the oil leak at 5000 feet. If not, here is one of many links: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/26/bp-oil-spill-live-feed-vi_n_590635.html Now, I'm not saying, but it looks like Smokey to me. Was Smokey upset when his series came to an end?
  13. Commission Chairman David Austin stressed the importance of updating the county’s sign ordinances before the first economic development director is recruited and hired later this year by the Paulding Chamber’s Economic Development Organization. I find that line fascinating: (1) The county couldn't pay this guy minimum wage right now, so it's not like we are going to get world class talent. I mean really. (2) The county couldn't get some minimum wage guy to take the job if he saw a sign on the road in Magic Marker while he was driving through in his 1990 Yugo?
  14. I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE.. YOU OTHER BROTHERS CAN'T DENY... Seriously, if that's your worst problem, you're golden.
  15. Kinda creepy that Pubby seems to like prison so much. Just saying...
  16. My wife is a teacher. She often stays up half the night, sometimes, getting ready for the next day, after filling out forms for the administration. It makes her heart sing when one child steps out and gets something new during the day. She dances around the house that night afterward and really gets in the way of my watching "Lost" with all her annoying happiness. When she comes home tonight, she will be so sad for the ones who are cut, and she will cry for them. And for not being able to teach more and fill out spreadsheets less. Then she will start working on tomorrow. I'm not s
  17. No guesses? OK. Hold a normal pencil in your right hand as if you were writing, looking at what was printed on the side. You can read the writing. Now hold the pencil in your left hand. Look at the writing. It is upside down. A left handed pencil, pen, screwdriver, etc., has the words on the side flipped over so that southpaws can read them like they were normal people. Then again, how often do you ever read the writing on the pencil/pen/hand tool while using it?
  18. We've had what looks like a similar bird make nests in our garage. Seems like a couple of weeks to hatch and then a couple of weeks before mom gets tired of them.
  19. Check it out: http://www.leftyscorner.com/ Somebody did give me some left handed pencils once. I won a lot of bets off of them betting that there was a difference. When I showed them the difference, they said, "Oh, yeah".
  20. Yeah... Your first paragraph is Ad Homonem, since you imply that because you don't like me, I must be wrong with everything I say. Horse manure. Second: I don't believe you could get through the day with one cold one if you are willing to rearrange your entire day just for one beer. Third: A lot of people go to church staggering into the pews. What's the problem with that? Hospitals are for sick people. Fourth: We are the government - I am the government- and the government (we) derive their power from our consent. And Christians are people, too. And we have a voice, too. I wi
  21. You Yankees must have a serious drinking problem if, deprived of immediate gratification, y'all are willing to drive 30 minutes there and back or rearrange your schedule to get y'all's fix. It doesn't sound to me like a religious problem for you. It sounds like a drinking problem. And I'm cool with that. But why blame the churches for your addictions? OH YEAH! And what bible thumping christian forced you to move to a dry county?
  22. Oh, don't get me started. I'm not ancient, but I can remember when Sundays meant ghost towns all over Atlanta. Nothing could open up on Sunday. Period. No restaurants, drug stores, theaters. YOU EVEN HAD TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAD GAS IN YOUR CAR ON SATURDAY NIGHT, BECAUSE OTHERWISE YOU WERE SOL ON SUNDAY! We're talking clouds of dust and tumbleweeds. Oddly enough in this conversation, the only place that got away with being open around my area was a liquor store with a drive in window where you could get anything you wanted to get through the day. There was exactly one drug store that was
  23. "What I do not understand is why the church can decide when people can drink or not. Another thing that gets me is, I live in New Hope and no restaraunt in New Hope can serve alcohol on Sunday because of the "almighty" church that sits on the corner. Is it a state law or community law? " I think it's state law that you can't sell liquor within a certain distance from schools, churches, or other such inappropriate places. In the case of historic downtown New Hope, therefore, you are just multiply screwed. Try to get your license back so that you are not dependent on the bicycle. Or go down
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