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  1. So to bring this back to life we need 2 things: 1) Interesting Topics 2) People to discuss, but not freak out and attack other peoples opinions when the topics are opened. Well, I know we have a great possibility of topics since the Ga Legislature is in session, but truly, I've not wanted to start anything political here as we all know what any attempt to discuss the facts of bills being considered at the gold dome would degenerate down to. (violation of #2) With the final(?) collapse of the commercial air traffic at the airport, I've heard little about local politics. We
  2. Political activism on Pcom, hasn't all been bad. This site was instrumental in getting the word out about local stuff that was coming up in future elections and special elections that somehow never got advertised elsewhere. Remember "PRDs are Bad", the topic that wouldn't die? The endless discussions around the school bond programs and the new district building vs schools? The fire tax fiasco? All good information, even if wrapped in some hyperbole at times. Sites like this are still good for that kind of thing, facebook is rather hit or miss for local news. (At least for me
  3. Fount this expanded Story on The Patch I will note it's not two conductors on the train, it's an Engineer, the guy in charge of driving it, and the Conductor, who is responsible for the operation of it. Reporters can be so lazy sometimes....
  4. 11-Alive Too many people don't understand how quiet a train can be if you are distracted and facing the wrong way on the tracks, or worse yet, are wearing headphones. NEVER walk on the tracks. Period. Please. The Engineers and Conductors do NOT want to be last people to see you alive. EDITED to add: Also, be aware that more and more cities are insisting that they become "No Horn Zones" where the trains are not allowed to blow their warning horns in the area. Powder Springs and Acworth have both done this. Not sure if Hiram is this way or not. You cannot coun
  5. Mother Nature can be a Bioch some times. But it's the nature of the wild. We had a nice little nest on our front porch one year, had 4 eggs in it one day, then I saw a crow watching it and suddenly there were no eggs. Nature does not promise a "right" to a "fair" outcome nor a happy one.
  6. The Recycling center at the Transfer station was still open that last time we used it (a week or so ago) They take glass, aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic and paper. We go there every couple of weeks.
  7. I saw that, pretty quickly after hatching. But with only one chick left, hopefully Ma and Pa Eagle and keep this one fully fed and ready to go!!
  8. It kinda depends on the type of Public Education. The Socialist indoctrination that is passed off as public education at most major liberal arts colleges cheered by Democrats as it sticks the kids with massive loans to try to get a degree in "Underwater BB Stacking" or something equally as useless in the work force and is designed to get them hooked on government support where the Liberal own them. This program at least looks to be an actual training program that would actually produce graduates that can make their own way in the work force and become independent thinkers. This program w
  9. Nice deal. Wish I could get over there to pick some up.
  10. Our 24 month plan runs out this month, so looking around to see who's best now. Been with Walton EMC Gas the last 2 years. Looking at the PSC chart for Feb: PCS_GAS_CHART Some outfit called "Constellation Energy" has a 24 month rate at .48 a therm vs Walton's .57 a therm. Anybody using Constellation? I'm a little concerned that their web page says the Energy Type is Electricity, for 0.365 a therm. If they can't figure out if they are selling Gas or Electricity, I wonder if they can keep my bill straight. $150 cancellation fee. I can get a free umbrella from Walton
  11. Don't put those coats into storage yet! (And somebody tell me how to keep the yellowbells and Cherry Trees from blooming!)
  12. Agreed. The lesson is that you should always concealed carry, you never know when you need it. Just kidding. in truth, until the full story comes out we don't know who started it, nor the type of knife, so it could be the firearm carrier started it and the knife guy grabbed a kitchen knife to try to defend himself. Or the knife guy got mad, stabbed him and the shooter managed to save his life with his carry. Since the shooter left, I'm assuming it's not his house, but that's an assumption too, he may have been trying to get the Paulding Hospital, it being just down the
  13. The leaks seem to be that it will be money for the wall in exchange for extending the DREAM programs. As someone who considers himself to a moderate, it looks like a valid compromise to me. Gets the wall started as conservatives want, while taking care of those stuck on this side in a legal no man's land as the liberals want. Negotiating middle ground is what Washington is supposed to do. This sounds like it to me. Thoughts?
  14. Well I put "Hopefully" but I agree with you the way this county has operated in the past. The Fire Tax comes to mind...
  15. Been getting that feeling that your water bill has been getting higher no matter how much water you try to save? It's not your imagination. My bill this month said new rates were in affect, so I had a look. Turns out that per the Paulding BOC Resolution No 16-06 from February 2016, Water rates will go up another 4.75% this year (on top of the usual 4% annual increase from the Cobb Water Authority who we purchase our water from until Richmond Creek Reservoir and Treatment Plant goes on line) and the base residential rate will go up from $6.00 to $7.00. Two more increases are plan
  16. Public Service Announcement: There is a meeting planned next week on 1/24/2019 at Shelton Elem regarding the proposed widening of Cedarcrest Road. If you drive this area, you make an attempt to attend, as this is a project that has the potential to affect everyone in this area. Unfortunately the time is 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, so this may limit participation. Here is the conceptual map for widening from the Cobb County line to Graves Road: Cobb Line to Graves Road Plan (PDF) Here is the conceptual map to widen from Harmony Grove Church Road to Graves: Graves Road to Harmony
  17. I'm sure there are some campaign contributions somewhere that help explain it. The good ol' boys are back in town!
  18. I usually watch this pretty closely, but it had slipped off my radar this year. The Eagles are back on the nest at Berry and laying eggs! The nest cams have allowed thousands and thousands of people to watch as the Eagles raise their young since 2013. If you like wildlife and haven't seen this before, have a look! https://www.berry.edu/eaglecam/
  19. If your friend has a Visa issued, they have at least attempted to do things legally. I have a friend in the same condition, he's heading to England in a few weeks and isn't sure if he'll be allowed back. Agreed that the process for legal visas, etc is more difficult than it should be. The concern is for those that are crossing with no intent to be legal. Agreed that Trump screws up sometimes. He's much too impulsive esp with the stupid Tweeter account. I like his ideas, I just don't like him as President. However, the GOP as a party is about useless, so it was going to take an
  20. Well it's that time again. However this time for my health, I'd better be serious about it. Stepped on the scale this morning and OMG! I guess starting the Holiday season heavy to begin with was NOT a good idea. So losing about at least 40 lbs is on the list. Also want to start picking and choosing more carefully what I spend my time on. I used to think that people were crazy when they said that the years pass more quickly the older you get but 2018 went by in a flash in a lot of ways. I have a backlog of projects that I want to get done this year too. What ya'
  21. Thank you. He was smart enough to not wait until it was bad before getting us to take him and is a fitness nut and in good shape so it's gone very well for him. The Arthroscopic surgery (not sure if that's right but google for once was not much help - the small hole surgery) did wonders, he was in minimal pain and is hopefully going to released to go back to work tomorrow. He does have 15 lb weight limit on picking up stuff for next five weeks or so.
  22. We are exhausted right now between sickness, hospital visits (Son, appendix), hosting the family Christmas Eve and Christmas, back to the hospital for family friends who's father died very unexpectedly on Christmas day, visitation, funeral, etc. We may have leftovers for NYD at this rate. We have traditionally had ham and black eye peas with other stuff. Neither my wife nor I are fond enough of Greens to eat them, one day a year or not!!
  23. Ah, ok, that would do it, they aren't designed for a lot of cycles. (which I keep telling the people at church who use the breakers to isolate the lighting system all the time)
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