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  1. Not an expert. My daughter is a vet assistant, I think they need the Dr present. A Vet Tech has gone through the schooling and practicals to get the Vet Tech degree, I think they can take it at any time. I use a mobile Vet service that the Doctor comes to the house for visits. He supports part of Paulding and West Cobb. PM me if you are interested in that and can send you his name.
  2. The "Not Secure" warning is just letting you know that you are using the HTTP protocol to access the site, instead of the secure version HTTPS. This means that the information your browser is sending the site is in cleartext, not encrypted so that anyone intercepting the packets can't read it. Since this is a public site, it's not really a big deal. (Financial and store sites on the other hand should *always* use HTTPS so that your financial information is encrypted) If you try to use HTTPS with Pcom, your browser may reject it as the cert used on the site is not traceable bac
  3. If you decide to allow political posts again, I recommend having more than one forum, say Local (Paulding County), State (GA obviously) and Country, all password protected individually so that people can decided if they want to know about/discuss Local stuff, without having to deal with posts about State and/or Country wide races/ policies. Will the forum software allow forced approval before posts will appear on a per forum basis? That might be good for political forums. It would slow down the arguments and allow people to get their emotions under control at least. Cafe is good
  4. As well for the other families. Four likely breadwinners just headed back to work after lunch. Those families are now on their own.
  5. So many young lives gone in an instant. You never know. Hug someone you love today. I know I will be.
  6. Mods: Placed this in the Cafe as it's a news item, but feel free to move it if it gets political. Thanks. ***************************************************************** I read in the MDJ that Paulding County is planning for county property tax rates to go up 15% this year. The tax digest went up 9% and they want the rollback and 6% more. Also the Bond rate will go up 6% as well to pay for the new jail bonds. You can tell this isn't an election year. Extra funding includes 52 new full time positions (20 of them to staff the new expanded 660 bed, 133,000 sf jail) and
  7. Whew, you can tell that construction season has sprung!! Harmony Grove Rd is being repaved in the NW part of the county. They are rushing it to be done by the time school opens. The (mostly) good weather the last few days has helped I think.
  8. Right at a mile from our house, crow flying. If they were on an old horse farm, I wonder if the bought it or were renting it. If they had enough to buy the property before they started there, they had been in business for a while. Glad they were caught before something blew up, those houses on Courtney Lane were WAY too close. While I totally agree that we need some kind of programs that will help those that want help break free (as I recall, meth is hard to break away from), there will always be demand by those who want to escape via drugs. I'm not sure what we do with
  9. MJC is reporting that a US Military vehicle museum (The Museum of Flight) is considering a move from the Rome Airport to Paulding. From the Article: It's not supposed to need any support from the county however. Full Article Sounds pretty nice to me, but I wouldn't be under the runway when one of those loud WWII airplanes come in either from shows they go to in other parts of the southeast. So, any opinions here?
  10. Wasn't there some new construction in that area? I wonder if they hit a main.
  11. Maybe the new one is implementing post approval in the political forum? Might be best to nip some of this stuff *before* it gets posted and out of hand.
  12. There was a massive fireball at a 150 year old refinery in south Philly early this morning as a container of Butane exploded during a fire. Since the US is already short of refining capacity due to regulations and red tape various liberal administrations have thrown in way of new construction and expansion of capacity, this may bounce energy prices back up again for a while until they can get the refinery back on line. It started as a bulk storage facility in 1866 (not a typo) and began refinery operations in 1870. According to their website: News Report on the explosio
  13. If you look on the Richland Creek Site they have posted an update video that was done during the tours that were given in late May. Looks like the Dam will be completely built up in another month or so. It will still need some work on it to cover it with grass and anti-wave covering before they start to fill it. I was surprised to learn that due to Govt regulations on how quickly the dam can been filled, it will be nearly a year before it is fully filled. They should start the filling later this fall. The first 1/3 will be done as fast as they are allowed to get water from the rive
  14. Moana: "Fish pee in you! All DAY!! So... Hrmmmp!"
  15. 61N, just a mile or so past Dabbs Bridge Rd. I think they are supposed to open it for fishing in a few years, that will be nice to have a lake so close.
  16. Well, it's closer than I got the first time, I kept wanting to call it the Raccoon Creek Reservoir. Any way, they keep claiming it's on target to complete in 2019. I don't see how they can finish the dam, get it approved to fill and then fill it during the 6 driest months of the year without "those" people downstream screaming bloody murder that we're taking their water. We shall see I guess.
  17. On Sat, I drove past the entrance to the Reservoir and saw signs saying "Tours" pointing towards the dam. I wanted to stop but had a bunch going on. Turns out they had a "Field Day" with tours of the dam, water building and stuff. Wish I had known ahead of time. Did anyone get to go? I'm interesting in how its' going since the project is claimed to start supplying water to us within 7 months.
  18. I hadn't heard about it. It's a shame, not many places to get local news any more. The AJC and MDJ treat us like the stepchildren of the metro area. All I could find was the 11Alive report:
  19. Some readings, but also been listening to some good books! Seriously, as a long time reader, I was skeptical of how enjoyable it would be to listen to someone read a book, but the Audible team of readers do a great job of making the books come alive. Often if you have the kindle version of a book, you can add the Audible version pretty cheaply. I listen to books now in the car rather than the radio now, it's much more enjoyable and peaceful. If you like Science Fiction, I highly recommend the Bobiverse series (We are Legion, We are Bob and it's sequels) For non-fiction, I
  20. I saw in the AJC this morning that all State/County Tag offices will be closed this Friday (and many are closing on Thursday or earlier) and not re-open until May 28th or later due to a software change at the state level as the state moves to a new system. (I'm sure the staff will enjoy the extended 4 day holiday weekend! ) However, with the track record of our State Government and their software testing, it could be days beyond that before the software actually starts working and they can process tags again. Get those tags submitted if you don't like long lines!! Not sure if they
  21. Yes. Campfires are exempt in Ga. (Not true in all states with burn bans) Ga EPD Link
  22. Even for out of county? For a standard load, Paulding has been letting me dump for $10 since I'm in county.
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