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  1. Note I'm not saying there shouldn't be moderation. Good moderation is critical to a sites success. If it was me running a community site? It would be when personal attacks start or discussions get liable. You can argue about the opinion, but leave the person/group that has the opinion out of the response and you can't discuss anything that would get the site owner in trouble. I might not like, say, ... EPA rules, but if instead of saying *why* or *what* about a particular rule I don't like, I start bashing the supporters of rule in some way, (They are idiots, or ignoramus
  2. Sigh. And thus the Freedom of Speech starts it's decent into oblivion. Again, who decides where that line is that the "99%" knows it's there. You are not going to be able to have the entire country vote on every post now are you? Thus, the "elite", usually the owner(s) of the site, will really decide where that line is and you know they are going to inject their ideas into it. There goes the idea that the "99%" have anything to do with it. It's one, or maybe 9, people's opinion and the heck with the rest. That's the owners prerogative, they own the site, but don't try to sugar coat
  3. So who's supposed to pay off the bond if they don't use those proceeds to do it? The tax payers I would assume. So now, they want to throw more money at the authority when they have already shown they make bad choices. No, I don't think so.
  4. The problem becomes who decides what is hate speech? It’s a Slippery Slope. What’s hateful to one person may be just truth to another and just idiocy to a third. If i declare to be triggered by any discussion of something. Will it be banned?
  5. I'm assuming you mean in typing in the URL in the address bar. Your browser may be remembering the link to the old page that showed all the topics. (Mine will finish URLs for me sometimes.) I had to reset my history to get rid of the old links.
  6. My past username/password was recognized. No issues.
  7. If both sides have meant for it to be a joke from the beginning it's one thing. Or if it's between two regular members. However, when an authority has information that another has asked for, but instead of supplying it in a helpful manner, that authority hides it and misdirects the requester, IMHO, it begins to move from fun to bullying and reflects badly on the authority of the website. JMHO. Also, the old site would hide active threads from the activity page if you had not entered the password to or did not have access to the forum. This one is showing me a thread under a
  8. There are plans to widen Macland, at least on the Cobb County Side. They purchased ROW from our church several years ago.
  9. Interesting. Lots of effort and money to have him taken out and then put back. OTOH: I thought this was going to be one of those joke question posts. Like: Question: Who's buried in Grant's tomb? Answer: General and Mrs Grant... no credit for half answers.
  10. I've only very rarely used cashback at a store. I don't use ATMs much either, and when I do almost always they are from my bank and free. However, I will say that it seems Kroger is working hard to reduce the crowding in their stores by running off customers. So be it. If there is anything the NW ATL area has in excess it's Grocery stores. It's not like I don't have other choices.
  11. I have been exceeding blessed that I have been able to work from home since 2010. The 2 hour commute (each way) to Alpharetta was driving me crazy up to that point.
  12. We had a chance for that, but at least one of the counties voted it down. A controlled access tollway that would have made it possible to build a nice industrial base. Like everything else we try, the NIMBY bunch raises Cain about it and we end up with nothing.
  13. From this article, it appears the BR doesn't use or generate many webs: University of Kentucky
  14. The inspector looked during the day when the spiders were in their hides. From the article, there was six months or so between the old owners moving out and the new ones moving in as the house needed a mold treatment before it was put on the market.
  15. Seriously, bugs in general have been horrible for us this spring. The little millipede things are everywhere in the yard and all in the house, no matter how much I spray. Wasps everywhere and I got hit by a hornet's nest hiding in the Hydrangeas last weekend. (Flamethrower at night the tool of choice there) We've had bugs everywhere! I'd spray the yard completely, but I'm sure the dogs would get in it. Arrrggg!
  16. if the authority is going to start paying the bond again, then I'd say all they owe back to the county is the amount the county paid for them. It was never foreclosed (that I'm aware of) so I would consider the payments on the bond as an interest free loan to the authority. Maybe the authority shouldn't write bonds they can't pay for. Hopefully they learn from this lesson. Wonder if they have leased the hanger at the airport?
  17. Hope that does the trick!! Good they were able to take a look at him.
  18. With North Paulding being so big, it's going to be hard to get on any of the varsity sports teams unless the student is really, really good or plays club ball of some kind.
  19. Sure. They gotta pay for all that somehow. Coaches bonus for sure. The midfle school sports programs got canned during the last downturn to save school budget. The bonds are paying for all the new gyms, ball fields and stadiums. (Boosters do pay for lots of the extras)
  20. Well they know that if they tell us that not only will we continue to pay the sales tax we will have to also start making the bond payments again for the 120 million bond they already spent, this would have no chance in hades.
  21. That's an interesting approach. I would guess that McClure would become the new Freshman Academy? That is going to create a HUGE school compared to the others in the county. I wonder if that's good or bad. North is already the biggest in the county (7A) North Paulding High School (3-AAAAAAA) South Paulding High School (5-AAAAAA). Paulding County High School (7-AAAAA), East Paulding High School (7-AAAAA), Hiram High School (7-AAAAA) I realize a new middle would be lot's cheaper (esp with all the fancy expensive, bells and whistles they keep adding to the High Schools
  22. The swelling could be from him laying there so long. Aspirin may cause more swelling as it acts as a blood thinner. Hope hes ok.
  23. You mentioned cold pads. Does he seem to be hot?
  24. Ok checked with daughter. The dr has to be there.
  25. We like him. He's kept our little shadow going for 18 years now.
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