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  1. Sigh --- and the wind has been blowing for the last two weeks anytime I have a couple of hours free.... Guess I'll haul all of it to the tranfer station chipper.
  2. Well, very pleasant surprise!! Was able to get a call back in under 30 seconds, and though the guy had to follow the script, since I had done everything he asked already as part of my troubleshooting, it was able to get it back up and running in under 5 minutes. They might be getting their customer server act together. (Guy seemed to be US based and spoke English fine as well.) I knew going to church this morning would pay off!!
  3. One of my cable boxes won't re-activate after being unplugged and the Comcast web page shows all 4 of my boxes as non-accessible,even though three are running fine. So that means a some kind of network problem on their end. So I have to enter the Comcast call queue and enter a trouble report. If I never return, it's been good talking with all of ya'll. SG
  4. They are not there often, I think it's just one or two. They may be too busy nest building to hang around guarding the feeder this early.
  5. The traffic is there already and more is coming, the safest thing to do is make sure the road can handle it. I say that as someone who lives in a subdivision off of Dabbs Bridge Raceway, which is also planned to be widened "someday" as it's the only direct East/West road in the northwestern part of the county from 61 to US41 and I-75 until you get to Old Alabama in Bartow county. DBR has had the speed limit increased from 35 MPH to 45 MPH in a bid to increase capacity and reduce the number of illegal passes, but that has had minimal benefit in my mind. It's still a road where one slow dr
  6. Finally had a hummer show up the other morning! Hopefully we get a few more to show up.
  7. Hope so... it's really neat to watch them "guard" the feeder from the other hummers.
  8. I was in Kennesaw, I was only 15 and heard about the crash in "New Hope". Had no idea it was that close to us.
  9. We watched a production of this last spring, a middle school program that Cobb County supports. It was great! I had never seen the movie, so it was all new to me.
  10. Had the feeders out for a week now. No hummers. Bummers.
  11. Links broken. This page isn't available What building is it?
  12. Good to know! Thanks!
  13. Truck driver in Arkansas had his brakes catch fire. He was carrying a full load of Ammonium Nitrate and while the driver attempted to put the fire out, the load over heated and exploded. Blew a 15 ft deep hole in the road. Killed the driver. RIP Buddy. I never thought about how dangerous a burning truck could be! Story
  14. If you live near seven hills, the Count recycling place will take it free of charge. They recycle the electronics and metal case. If I'm not sure if there is vital personal data on it, i.e. saved passwords, ss#, turbotax data, I woudl remove the hard disk first. (I now have a stack of them in the basement) There are programs you can download that will wipe the disk, or just take out the hard disk, unscrew the cover until you can see the disks and hit them with a hammer. they, will be pretty much toast at that point. I'm waiting until my next trip down to the hunting club and goi
  15. My wife wants to try building some raised beds for the garden. I'm considering it if I can find the time. Just takes a LOT of dirt to fill them.
  16. Yea, I planted tomatoes early two years ago when it was a wet spring. Lost all the plants completely and I needed to replant all of them.
  17. Easter coming so late in the year is throwing my sense of time off. I know we've had blizzards in mid-march, but hey, it don't look like it this year. Farmer's Almanac was right, warmer and wet. The pollen is making it's appearance so I'm wondering how likely it will be to have freezing temps again if I open the pool. The cover was really messed up so I pulled it off and I need to get the filter running again. So what's your bad knee telling you?
  18. It's a pain. During Deer Season it confuses the animals for days having to get up a hour earlier. Do away with it.
  19. The one at Crossroads stopped 24 hrs one or two years ago. The Ingles my son works at stopped it about 3 years ago or so. You have to pay someone to stand by the register and watch the doors. Security would be a concern as well. I'm glad the Winn Dixie I worked at was closed and locked up while we stocked overnight.
  20. I've always wondered if they really got enough business between 1:00 am and 6:00 am to make it worth while.
  21. I thought was Fall forward and Spring Back?
  22. Glad that helped!! Like I said, I learned something new as well. Cheers!
  23. On my mouse, if I look in Control Panel --> Mouse, it has a an option for Horizontal Scrolling that occurs if you push on the wheel and tilt it sideways. ( I didn't even know it would do that... learn something new every day!) If it's the same for yours, try not to push hard on the wheel, just gently roll it. Your driver may not have the option to adjust it, but is still attempting to react to the tilt.
  24. The Board of Commissioners have drafted a Resolution this year (19-04) to create a new department in the county called the "Office of Economic Development and Business Opportunity" or "OEDBO". (It appears our government sucks at acronyms.) According to the resolution, It's purpose shall be to to identify, attached and location new business into Paulding County and to promote the general welfare by facilitation and engaging in efforts to increase trade, industry, agribusiness, commerce, tourism and improve county employment opportunities. All of which I would agree are needed. Ho
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