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  1. Due to illness we are moving to a smaller home close to hospital. Man Are we gonna need some help. We need fence installled, window work,and furniture moved. PM if you are interested in any of these jobs
  2. I'm not a zombie fan either, but this series is suppose to be really great.
  3. Life is to damn short to worry about things you have no control of. Just go to the doc. and get your results and move on. Probably just high cholesterol. For goodness sakes, STOP WATCHING HOUSE!!! That will drive anyone crazy.
  4. Un-ashamed bump, cause I need the prayers. I've just recently realized what a dang needy person I can be.
  5. Well thank you all so very much. I've just received some fantastic news that my dear friend dcbrown will be helping me keep my child care business up and running during my treatment. I also received some very nice gifts from our wonderful Anita and group. Thank you all very much. But most importantly is all the prayers. I can tell each of you that I can feel them strongly. This morning more than ever. I guess a couple of you made it to church and that put those prayers in the express line. I am fighting this thing with all I have got and through God's grace I will conquer this and be able
  6. This is so stupid! Really, you want some 15 year old telling you if you can get a toy for your child. Anyone who really wants the dumb toy is going to get the 600 calorie meal with the toy and a super size fry on the side. We don't need government telling us how to raise our kids. If someone wants to raise a fat kid they are going to do it regardless of a toy in a happy meal. BTW I have three healthy young adults who ate happy meals about once a week as a Friday night treat. No obesity in this family.
  7. IT so gross to take your shoes off and then have to walk where hundreds of other people have just walked barefoot. I'm also grossed out buy having to set in the nasty seats on the planes. I swear they never wash them and they are gross. The last flight we took the magazines offered where gross too. All dirty, and torn to shreds.
  8. I don't remember any of my friends starting their cycles in elementary school, mostly in middle school. But these days it's different. I've read it's the steroids in meat too, especially chicken. Makes you also wonder what is happening to our young boys out there.
  9. We recently went to the Marietta historic museum. It was better than I expected for $5.00. Our next trip is to the gold mine in Villa Rica.
  10. I haven't been yet but it sounds nice. We like the Italian place over by Target in Douglasville, Provinos I think is what it is called. Dress casual. They have a kids menu, and Monday through Thursday half the menu is 1/2 off. Then have wine and beer but not sure if they have a full bar.
  11. Blonde wig, bubble wrap, heavy freakish makeup equals Lady GaGa
  12. PauldingMom


    That sore throat sounds like strep. Go get it tested at a clinic or doctor. The drug store doesn't do this test.
  13. A real pleasant rain with cool breeze behind it. I'm feeling so much better than last week it could be pouring rain and it would still be a very good morning!
  14. Not to worry folks. Snookie was just shaking out her glitter brush in Jersey and the jet stream carried over to PA.
  15. They have 10% off teacher and military, and they gave me a bunch of coupons on my first visit.
  16. With hunting season here, I would be real suspicious of anyone claiming a great hunting dog like a Bluetick. There story doesn't add up and you are wonderful people to do what you have done for this poor animal. Forget these people, don't let them bring you down or worry you. If they truly love there animal and care for it, they would have given you the correct information, been searching high and low for the poor baby and thanked you tremendously for all you have done for him.
  17. We haven't been to the gold mine in Villa Rica but plan to take my sis when she's in town soon. Also taking her to Marietta square and Marietta Diner. There are some interesting stories and history to these places. Of course there is always the hunting department at Wal-Mart.
  18. http://eliteinstituteofaesthetics.com/default.aspx#ThankYou Wow, I didn't expect a school to be so professional. Prices are actually very reasonable too. Check it out!
  19. Every time I see the commercial for this show I crack up. That lady is standing there yelling "Bring me the wood." Really???
  20. Allot of good advice here. Also remember to point out times when you yourself are uncomfortable around someone. I was always quick to point out things to my kids like, "The reason we are not parking next to that big van is that no one can see if someone tries to get out of it and come after us." or "I don't feel comfortable with the way that grown man is hanging out in the little girls department. Let's go look at shoes for a while."
  21. Knowing I was gonna be laying low for a few days, I made a huge pot of beef stew. Yum Yum!
  22. Hard to watch but might make a good cartoon. Guess it all depends on the "skills" or the writers.
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