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Condolences to Joe Sixpack and family!

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Guest frankiesangel

Joe I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Please keep in mind that you and your family will be in our Prayers and thoughts and we are her for you. Although I do not know you if you need anything just yell and I will be there...

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Thanks to all my p.com family. Pop’s passing took us all quite by surprise and completely unprepared. We are keeping busy as best we can and will heal from our loss with time.


We have many fond memories of him, and were lucky enough to have him live with us the last few years. He has regaled me with stories of his youth, and young adulthood that would leave you laughing and shaking your head in astonishment at the same time. I bought him a PC last year so he could write down some of his adventures. Alas, he never truly got started chronicling his exploits and they will now be passed on by word of mouth.


Pop was a veteran of both the US Air Force (47-52) and the US Maries (52-56), father of four, which he raised single-handedly, and one Hell of a guy. He will be sorely missed.


Joe Sixpack

Sunfire &



Edit to add dates of service

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Joe, I never knew your father, but after your comments, I wish I had!! God bless you and your family, and never give up the pride your Father instilled in you. I will face the loss of my parents one day, and I hope that the strength you show in this will be with me then!

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To Joe & Family:


"Lord, God,

you are attentive to the voice of our pleading.

Let us find in your Son

comfort in our sadness,

certainty in our doubt,

and courage to live through this hour.

Make our faith strong

through Christ our Lord.



(From: The Catholic Family Prayer Book)


GaBelle3639 & Archangelinga

(Rhonda & Mike)

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