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  1. At first I thought it had something to do with the puzzle's theme, but then I realized it was the same with the NY and LA Times. I'm with you on this one- maddening! The xwords are the highlight of my weekend! I hope somebody at the AJC got a spanking for that.
  2. "True Crime with Aphrodite Jones" and "On the Case with Paula Zahn."
  3. PCHS is $330.00 for JV and $615.00 for Varsity/Competition. Last year, we had to pay $10.00 a month for squad C4 classes (Wed), but this year that is supposed to be covered by the fundraisers. JV practices Mon, Tues, and Thurs till 5:30. I believe Varsity has their C4 class on Tues and they practice every other day till 6:00 or 6:30. Fundraisers are mandatory. They do the magazine sales, t-shirt sponser sales, and candy sales. PCHS had their tryouts the first week of April and this will be my daughter's 2nd year on JV and Varsity basketball. She still lacks the tumbling skills for Varsit
  4. My husband and I applauded it too. That's Doc, no nonsense. We love him.
  5. Auto Zone on 120 is open. My husband (the Pittsburgh native) is the manager there and he is on duty... They are, however, out of Ice Melt, de-icer, and windshield scrapers, so it seemed kinda pointless to me.
  6. Yep! And he's not even the regular kicker... Good job, Gators!
  7. I know! I told Terri Friday night how awesome the brass sounded! You would have thought there were 3 times as many horns out there!
  8. My son is percussion section leader at PCHS, and I honestly think that Saturday was the happiest day of his life. These kids had a mission to prove that PCHS could excel at something, and with Miss Young's leadership they were able to do just that. I salute them all for a job well done.
  9. Bless her heart! Mary Ann had been a fixture on that stool at the cash register for as long as I can remember. She took those orders with amazing accuracy. I had missed her being there for the past few months.
  10. My daughter says she doesn't know anything about one and she was at the 8th grade thing.
  11. Cyndi and Bob are friends of ours from St. Vincent's. She was an inspiration and a model of the Faith. I have never known children like the Babeckas- you just have to see them to believe them. Cyndi will be greatly missed by our parish.
  12. You better slow that Patriot down, girl! This ain't your first speeding ticket, as I recall, and you don't need to be driving that fast with a baby on the way! You know I love you, but dang!
  13. Dang, you mean that wasn't just last week????
  14. Could be anyone who graduated from PCHS between the years 1978-1981! LOL!
  15. I was asked by Mrs. Sherron Craton Jenkins to let everyone one know that the Hickory Hut is back up and running. Ya'll go get a Hickory Tater or some stew!
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