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  1. Team D2D welcomes Paulding Networking and Better World Club as our newest sponsors. Remember to support Paulding Humane Society by visiting the D2D Homepage and clicking the MAKE A DONATION button. Thanks Bill
  2. A big "Thank You" to everyone who met with us tonight to discuss The Dallas To Dallas Ride For Wet Noses coming up in April - less than 3 months away! It was very exciting to discuss D2D with our Meltid, representing Paulding Humane Society and Animal Shelter, Leah Robinson of Critter magazine, who has been very instrumental in covering the Ride and its details, Mark and Martin of Paulding Networking, who will be responsible for the "D2D Presence" on the internet and the GPS tracking of yours truly, and my friend QUAZAR who will be my strong "right-hand" helping with problem-solving. I
  3. I had the honor of having Mr. Kirkham as one of my patients, and a more gracious gentleman one could never hope to meet. Because I too was a cop in the United States Air Force specializing in cryptography, he and I had many conversations about his own career and he never failed to recognize me by name whenever he had a need to be seen by us. Even though it is at a time when they are at their sickest, we who work in your ER have our favorite patients, and he was one of mine. Rest in peace, Sir. Bill Craig, CRT
  4. It can now be told! For the past several months, Bill has been planning a new "publicity stunt" to call attention to the Ride for Wet Noses next April, and on Tuesday November the 20th, we pulled it off successfully: A climb up the Paulding Humane Society Billboard and pictures made up there with Bill and His Trek 1000 bike! The perpetrators of the "crime" Bill Craig: avid cyclist, animal welfare advocate and local nutcase Michelle McKee: Photographer and Bill's web-designer Andy Durden: of A Premier Painting and Home Repair who provided the ladder and moral support. (I bel
  5. Sorry, but I can't let this man's good name drop off the board without telling those of you who knew him one of many anecdotes there must be about his life. As I mentioned in a previous post, Roger Sauls coached me in Midget football. In those days, a lot of little boys went out for it and we all had our heroes on the Wildcats Varsity team. A couple of mine were John "Shaky" Smith, the aforementioned "Tiny" Cole, and Larry "Legs" Butler (who later became a cousin-in-law), and boy, didn't we wait for them to come out of the locker room and follow them as far to the field as we were al
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  8. If this is the same Roger Sauls (and it appears to be, since I also recognize the name "Tiny" Cole in the list of names you provided), then I remember him as a very compassionate and patient man who in the early 60's taught the sport of American football to a little 11 year old German kid who could barely speak English: me. All I knew when we first emigrated from Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany were a few words I had learned from a German-American dictionary, and how to play Fussball (soccer). Coach Sauls patiently explained the rules of American football and taught me how to wrap my
  9. Pat Of course! The Ride (and the shelter) needs all the help they can get, and the website has room for plenty of sponsors! Thanks Bill PS: The D2D Fast Facts blog entry has more details
  10. D2D FAST FACTS D2D - What is it? : An 800 mile solo bicycle ride from Dallas TX to Dallas GA: The Dallas to Dallas Ride For Wet Noses (D2D for short) Who's Doing it? : Bill Craig, Dallas Georgia resident and cyclist When?: April of 2008 Why? : To bring attention to shelter overcrowding, raise funds and promote "Spay Neuter and Adopt" Who Benefits?: Our local shelter and Paulding Humane as well as shelters and humane societies in all 5 states I will be crossing Wher
  11. Our ride to benefit PHS and shelters in a 5 state area between here and Dallas, TX is finally "officially" out in the open, news releases have been sent to county websites and print media and the website is getting steadily "hit" with inquiries. I am continuing my training for next April when I hope to get in at least 100 miles a day on my bicycle heading back this way from Texas for the animals and for "Spay Neuter and Adopt".
  12. For John Wayne fans, this may be interesting: While filming The Green Berets, Duke was given a special "Montagnard" (pronounced 'Mountain-yard') bracelet by the "A-Team" which served as advisors for the film. He told their captain that from that day forward he would never take it off, and you can see that bracelet worn on his wrist in every film since "Berets". The story of that bracelet and another is here: http://www.jwplace.com/bracelet.html I own and wear one of those bracelets, and it is one of the last made by a Montagnard silversmith. The Montagnard people helped train our sold
  13. .....here's a link to a very good reminiscence of him written just recently: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/janet-kinosi...-a_b_59690.html
  14. Thinking, always thinking. Even though I don't post that often here anymore, this will be a place to find stuff that occurs to me whenever I am thinking about something. Which is damn near all the time. My latest thoughts are about Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and how I wish John Wayne were still alive so that he could portray him in a movie.
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