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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Roger and Debbie. Such a tragedy. Pat and Ellen Fincher
  2. Sorry to see you pass so young Ricky. Your children grieve for you. We laid you to rest in the shade this sunny afternoon in the valley with the family.
  3. They have been making the best BBQ and hamburgers as long as I can remember. I think it opened in the early 60's. I don't mind the building at all, in fact I like it very much. At least something around here hasn't changed.
  4. Me and the grandson went to get our hair cut this morning. Breakfast at WH then the usual Wally Mart trip. This evening I went to a friend's surprise 60th birthday party. Great fun.
  5. The nearest one is in Dallas. Just past the courthouse on the left. 4.5 miles from New Hope to Dallas.
  6. Went to IKEA and Piedmont Hospital today. Shopping at one and visiting sister in law at the other. Being lazy now.
  7. Rest in peace Mrs. Crowe. You will always be remembered fondly.
  8. I like to make $$$$. Does that count?
  9. I like to go to Cave Springs and fill jugs of water there. It is FREE and such a nice place to visit.
  10. Smart water has electrolytes added. It is very good too.
  11. Come on over and clean on my house some. I have taken 2 naps this weekend and done all the laundry. The ironing awaits. Would you believe the sun just came out at my house???
  12. Absolutely NO vinegar smell. 1 cup per rinse. White vinegar.
  13. Sorry to hear of Danny's passing Tona. I never knew you were cousins.
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