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  1. Roy was our neighbor. He would do anything for you. He was a good man. He will be missed!
  2. This is Us is an awesome show! It has me hooked!
  3. My dad was a driver at the Enterprise in Hiram. Dad had retired from the railroad after 40 years and worked at Enterprise for 18 years until the health of my mom got so sever he retired in January. When I found out that Jenna had been my dad's manager, I told him about her death. My dad is 83 years old, he told me she was the best boss he ever had. He is very sad at her passing.
  4. Mom got out of Northside after 12 days. Now she is back in with pneumonia.
  5. It has been, it has been a roller coaster. For years she has had shortness of breath and the Dr's could never find the cause. She also had neck pain, and general limb weakness.
  6. My mom was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis February 1st. After suffering with double vision that started January 16th, 3 opthomologist appointments, trip to the er, ct scan, mri. Finally a diagnosis was made by a Neurologist. She was put on medication, after one pill the double vision went away. Second pill, she had an allergic reaction. Put on another medication and steadily declined. By last Monday, February 22, she could no longer hold her head up right, walk, both eyes closed, having hard time breathing and swallowing. She has been in Northside Hospital ever since. She is now
  7. Pizza Farm has great steaks and the Farmhouse Special pizza is also! Haven't been to The Steak House in years.
  8. We are going to my daughter's apartment in Cartersville. It is her 1st thanksgiving out on her own! We are having: turkey breast, dressing, candied sweet potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese, broccoli and cheese casserole, rolls, sour cream pound cake and chocolate pie! Can't wait!
  9. I use a cpap. I have used one for the past 15 years. I use to fall asleep all the time because I was not getting any sleep during the night. I snored so bad. I use a nose canular instead of the mask.
  10. I did actually like "Fear". I love love The Walking Dead. Just waiting for a cutie like Darryl to come along. lol
  11. Call the assessors office and request a list of house sales in your area for the 2014. The valuation date is as of January 1 of each year. They should be able to provide that information for you. Look at the sales that are close to the January date, also that are the same square foot and has the same beds and baths you do. Also check to see if they have a basement. Good luck!
  12. Come join us Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 6:00 PM, at Lighthouse Baptist Church, 205 Pace Road, Hiram, GA to hear Spirit Revived, a southern Christian rock band from Dallas, GA that enjoys praising the Lord and spreading the Word through music! Check them out on facebook! All ages welcome!!
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