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  1. East and North will have tough opening nights. South should be okay. The Corky Kell Classic will be televised on Fox Sportsouth Friday and Saturday. North will be on Friday night at 8:45. http://corkykell.com
  2. Never met her in person, but we sure had some fun times on a couple of websites. Rest in peace Kathy. Thoughts and prayers for the family.
  3. Ralph is the man. He's painted a couple of houses for us recently and we were very pleased.
  4. I remember the 1973 ice storm. Lived in East Marietta. The pine trees breaking sounded like bombs going off. No power for over a week. Fun times!
  5. Mitchell ran the ball and was tackled and lost his helmet. Had to go out of the game and then the next play the snap was fumbled. Ball game!
  6. Dang!! Final Tucker 16 East 13. Good season Raiders!!
  7. East at the Tucker 8 yard line with 17 seconds left. Need to try and punch this thing in for the win. It is pouring rain.
  8. East will get one more shot with around 30 seconds left.
  9. East throws interception. 1:12 left in the game.
  10. East misses field goal. 5:00 left 4th quarter. East gets the ball back at the Tucker 45 yard line with 3:12 left
  11. East tied at 13 late 3rd quarter. Tucker driving East holds them to a field goal. Tucker 16 East 13 late 3rd quarter.
  12. Very impressed with the North offense.
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