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  1. If you know anyone that graduated in 88 please share this information! Event: PCHS Class of 88 – 30 Year Reunion Date: October 13, 2018 Time: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm Registration to begin at 6:30 pm Location: Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center 500 Powder Springs Street, Marietta, GA 30064 (770) 427-2500 Ticket Price: Single/$44 & Couples/ $88 until March 31st - Beginning April 1st price will increase to Single/$50 and Couples/$100 - Additional price increase after September 1st, Single $55 and Couples/$110 Faceboo
  2. What kind of truck? I live out this way, can keep an eye out.
  3. I'm sorry for your loss. Prayers for the family. He was my neighbor when I was a little girl.
  4. dawn923


    I really hate to hear this. Him and Melissa were customers at the print shop I worked at over 20 years ago and they were always the sweetest people to work with. Prayers for him to recover from this.
  5. I had a lady use this same story about a month ago on Business 6 at the gas station next to M&M Package store. She said someone died and they were trying to get to the place far off and needed gas money. I had just bought a lottery ticket and had it in my hand so she knew I had cash on me but I told her I didn't have anymore. People need to get a JOB and stop scamming people.
  6. Well this is the most ridiculous thing I've heard since they let transgenders go in the bathroom in the same bathroom I go into (I only have a problem with what is going to happen, predators going there). What happened to honoring our guys that died for our freedom? Hell I don't like the traffic on 92...is Hiram going to remove that Just for little ole me??? Yep don't think so.
  7. Great just what we need another convenience store. Was hoping for a restaurant or something.
  8. Glad to know it's another entrance..Now maybe I can find somewhere to hide!
  9. I would love to know myself. We live right around the corner from there and the 4 way is already a nightmare in the mornings and evenings.
  10. We have prostitutes?? Guess I don't hang out in that part of our county...
  11. Melissa, I'm not sure if you will see this or not today. I used to work at Richard's Printing for Conrad and Gwen (MANY) years ago.. I remember you and your husband very well and am so sorry that he is going through all of this. Praying for peace and comfort during this time while they try to bring him back to you.
  12. I was in my office and heard the shots, I don't sit near the front of the building. We then heard the cop car flying and I walked up front and asked the girl that works with me was that gun shots..Sounded like a pistol 5 or 6 rounds. Scared the crap out of us and then for them to wind up by the high school that's crazy!! My youngest son told me my oldest was still sitting in his car, I have yet to hear from him but am glad to hear that they have the suspects in custody.
  13. Don't know. I think they people that they were chasing crashed somewhere near the school and ran somewhere around the schools. I can't get my one son to answer me and my other one said my oldest was still sitting in his car in the parking lot which scares the crap out of me.
  14. I work off of 61S right inside the line. They car came by here shooting 5-6 shots and then we started hearing cops flying up 61 towards. Both of my kids are at SPHS on lockdown. I'm getting very little information from them except they are on lockdown and the guys are across the street from the school armed.
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