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  1. I saw it with my own 2 eyes and about 20 other people on the hill were watching them. I can tell you the names and numbers of the kids that were spitting on the shield (but i won't) and going through EP tunnel and waving at the EP players.The NP Coaches were on the field when all this was happening. All the NP players and Coaches came out and walked from one end to the other. From where the NP Coaches were, there is no way they didn't see it happening. Whats sad is I know one of the players parents have ALWAYS allowed this behavior from their son. Unfortunate that there are a few bad apple
  2. 1)East is a great team.........Way to go RAIDERS!!!!!!! 2)Yep, i would want to keep my kid at NPHS because they show sooooooooo much class walking across the shield spitting and kicking it before the game. And NPHS having ALL their personal foul flags. And i didn't even mention the players that were told to leave the field on NPHS side during the game, weren't they ejected from the game??
  3. I don't like anything about it I want the old one back
  4. May she rest in peace. I only met her once, very sweet lady. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
  5. You might like this sight. Updates : http://big-brother-11-blog.blogspot.com/ Natalie says that Jesse was "in love" with her, thats why he gave Jordan his vote ROFLMAO http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=5314542n
  6. Not yet. We had to move A LOT of stuff out. We will probably have to replace our hardwood floor. Hopefully D got the leaks (yes leaks) stopped. This is the first time in 15 years that it has flooded.
  7. This rain can go away!!!! Our basement has flooded
  8. URGENT Must dos in Jacksonville Florida? Human Bondage
  9. Whats for dinner tonight? Daggum roaches
  10. Thats my new ride, I traded my van in for it
  11. I went to Capos and ate spaghetti and my youngest had chicken Alfredo YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Jeff Eberhart Funeral Home 123 Watson Dr Dallas, GA 30132 Phone: (770) 445-4496 Viewing today 5:00 Funeral tomorrow 2:00
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