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  1. Howdy! We are good. Rain at the moment with probable sleet/snow mix soon. And in general, we are good, down here in the Land of the Trembling Earth!
  2. Checking in on Paulding Peeps. Hope everyone is safe! I've been impressed with all the grass-roots help people have been providing to help each other out. Good work!
  3. All sorts of things. I guess I'll get together a comprehensive list and post it in the classifieds here.
  4. I'm with you Lowrider. As horrible as things are in Syria, I just have huge mixed feelings about getting involved at all. I don't like the willy-nilly style in which our Govt decides to get involved, or not, in various conflicts / atrocities around the globe.
  5. Hey Lowrider -- Miss you too woman! I miss lots of things about the Paulding area. Not the traffic though. NEVER the traffic. Hey Walking Tall - what's shaking?
  6. Howdy Y'all! I still have a good number of middle school aged books from our homeschooling years that I'd like to sell. All are in in like-new or great condition. Are there still homeschoolers who post on Pcom anymore? The special forum here (I don't have the password, mind you) doesn't show any new activity for several years. Let me know Pcommers. Hope everyone around here is doing well. I stay very busy here in S GA now -- I pop into Pcom now and again to see how everyone is rolling along. Miss the fall season up there.
  7. LPPT - I've had no desire to read the book. And I'm in the category of don't care about the movie either.
  8. Legalize it and regulate it. Take the criminal element out of it. It's no worse than alcohol is. Could help save GA's farmers as hemp would also be legal to grow!
  9. Hey Subby!! I'm stomping down in the Swamps of S GA these days.
  10. AMEN BABY!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful memorial to her.... And so very, very true!
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