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  1. A Navigator Team works to strengthen families, especially those with disabilities, through a countrywide parent-led volunteer network. Navigator Teams help to find or develop resources to meet the unique needs of their county. They serve as a point of contact in the community, work in partnership with local leaders, share their knowledge of local resources, and provide guidance to other families. Navigator Teams are a project of the Parent Leadership Coalition under the supervision of Parent to Parent of Georgia. The Navigator Team is a diverse blend of parents, educators, medical professionals, and community leaders. Each team has: * Leader- who oversees the activities of the local team. This person serves as the main point of contact for each Navigator Team. * Core Members- the working members of each Navigator Team * Members- attend meetings and help plan events or receive information * Resource Network- refers to agencies or other interested parties that collaborate with Navigator Teams on activities or events and may also provide technical support as needed. A Navigator team can help just about anyone. Families who have children with disabilities or special health care needs, professionals, therapists, or anyone who has or needs information can contact a Navigator Team in their county. The support given can be a one time contact, on-going support, or an avenue to empower the individual to get involved in the local community. All teams have access to resources from Parent to Parent, The Governors Council on Developmental Disabilities, and the other agencies that are the Parent Leadership Coalition who support this statewide project. Your input can affect change in your community. Getting involved with a Navigator Team will allow you to be better informed concerning issues of disability. and needs of local parents and families. Donation of your time, money, or goods for a project is a great way to get involved. For Paulding County Local Contact Information, contact Navigator Team leader, Cindy Duncan at 770-861-5704.
  2. Please let your friends and family members know this if they need the information!!
  3. The Paulding County Navigator Team hopes that you will join us to learn more about Special Needs Wills & Trusts! When: Thurs., November 5th Time: 6:30-8:30 pm Where: Education Center at Taylor's P.A.L.S. The speaker will be Norman Plotkin, who is a financial planner and has worked extensively with special needs families for years. I attended a workshop of his several years ago and know that he will have valuable information for families who need it! He is also providing PIZZA! Please let me know if you plan to attend so that we can have enough pizza for you. If you find at the last minute that you can come, please still come. It won't be a problem! This is Part I of the Special Needs Wills & Trusts Series. We will also have Metlife come on Thurs, December 3rd to discuss their Special Needs Wills & Trusts program. You may come to either workshop or both workshops. We are just trying to give parents as much information as possible to help in making an important decision. I can also be reached at 770-861-5704...
  4. If you are planning to attend this workshop, please send me a pm.. so that I can have a baseline for pizza that needs to be ordered. If you find at the last minute that you can go.. .please still come....
  5. I just found out that Papa John's will be providing FREE pizza for lunch. In order to get a head count, please let me know if you plan to attend... if you find that you can attend the day of the workshop... come on anyway! We're just trying to get an idea of how much we know we will need as a base count.
  6. This workshop is co-hosted by The Paulding County Navigator Team and The Carroll County Navigator Team! Topic: Understanding the School Discipline Process Using IDEA & IEP's! When: October 17th, Saturday Time: 10:00-2:00 Where: Villa Rica Public Library, 70 Horace Luther Dr, Villa Rica, 30180 Cost: FREE A lunch break will be give at Noon! FREE Papa John's pizza will be provided!!!! For more information, contact Cindy Duncan, 770-861-5704 Hope to see you there! RSVP if you can, but it's not necessary...just come! If possible, please let me know if you do plan on coming so that we can get a base count for how much pizza to order...
  7. Still adding contacts to the database if anyone knows of anyone else.....
  8. I had them in 2000.. and when there was such a hype about what would happen, the mail was doing crazy things and they did not get my check on time.. they cancelled me. I tried to explain the situation to them and the customer service was TERRIBLE. I cancelled just because of their attitude. I prefer to use someone local that I can look at and get a decent response when I need it.
  9. I wonder if this is the same woman that came into our shop a few weeks back and said she really needed to wash some clothes... there were several of us women in there that started giving her money...
  10. Sage... he is PRECIOUS! I am so happy for you all....
  11. I think that's called rising about ugliness.... but don't you relish the thought that you KNOW they say mean things about you... and how stupid they look when they smile and pretend they are saints???? I think they forget that God himself knows the intent of the heart and nothing slides by him, whether it's in private or is public... He's the ultimate judge and jury! What goes around, comes around....
  12. It made me smile, too! Sometimes it's good to be reminded of our blessings and how sweet the small things really are and how big they can seem to other people....
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