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  1. My family & I want to thank everyone for their prayers & support during this time of sickness & loss. We all appreciate it very, very much. My dad was my hero. He fought hard for 12 years, but the last few days was an amazing feat of strength & courage. I will miss him but Grace & Peace are enough. I am very proud of him. Instead of flowers, we request that a donation in memory of my dad, James Hale, be made to the GA Baptist Children's Home, PO Box 329, Palmetto, GA 30268-0329. On-line donations may be made at this link. The GA Baptist Children's Home was some
  2. Thanks to the 15 or so text messages sent to my phone, I knew something was amiss. Then I got a call & said there was a post on pcom. Yes, there was a reptile talk at the Rotary meeting today. Yes, I had to bleach my underwear after the guy pulls out a rattlemouthcoppermoccasin. Y'all go ahead & laugh --- I would. But I'm taking up drinking for the night to recover from the event.
  3. Here's the link to show that Paulding has the longest drive time of all the metro counties.
  4. I would say that he had prolly just left some meeting to voice being ticked off over Health Care reform. He just couldn't help it.
  5. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced that AT&T has completed payment of the court's award to two Jehovah's Witnesses. The pair requested AT&T allow them a vacation day to attend a religious convocation. AT&T refused any accommodation & fired them both when they took the day off anyway. In 2007, a jury awarded $756,000 in back pay and damages. The 8th Circuit rejected an appeal on procedural grounds. With interest, the judgment amount has grown to over $1.3 million. AT&T has now paid that amount. Previous pcom link.
  6. Small weddings. No stress on anybody. At someone's house. Inside or outside. Small. Cookout. No stress. Small. No debt. Small. Less stress. Did I mention small & no stress? Make it like a family get-together. You'll be much happier & the people will remember it much more. Less expensive.
  7. On Friday, the GA Supreme Court announced that all courts in the state will now permit head coverings for religious or medical reasons to be worn in court rooms. (See press release.) This policy change came in response to last year's kerfuffle in Douglas County where a Muslim woman was not allowed to wear her head covering inside the court room & was arrested for causing a "disturbance" while arguing her rights were violated. She was subsequently released & charges were dropped. (See AP news article.) The new rule issued by the GA Supreme Court says: Here are some old pc
  8. Perhaps the new school in Dallas will offer some class & you can practice a bit more?
  9. And how many of us go down to the library to get help learning Spanish so we can better communicate with another human being? Again, I'm just sayin'.
  10. I'm willing to bet they were illegals. I'm also going to bet they don't have health care & if there is a job, it is minimum wage --- at best. I'm nearly certain those people you saw feel very similar to the way immigrants did when they came to the Colonies, or anytime during the first 100 years or so of our nation's existence. While I don't like the influx of illegals nor the problems, especially the cost, you've gotta admit that somewhere down the line, that sort of determination you saw will produce kids that do great things for this nation. Just an observation. Not
  11. I heard there was a problem with the tunnel entrance in the basement of the old commissioners office. But I got that from someone who blows a lot of smoke & I bet she was just speculating. Here's the info on the tunnels.
  12. Interesting news article. Gay Penguins Hatch Rejected Egg
  13. She is found & in protective custody. Still looking for the stepfather/kidnapper/scum bag. AJC article.
  14. I don't doubt that. I do think that it is a more reasonable solution. Cheaper too. And we don't have to worry about the privacy issues, a problem that would really leave us in a quandry in the future in the right scenario.
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