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  1. Is this the Janet West who is an ESOL Teacher now? Any information on the service?
  2. I was wondering if I should post a link. Thanks for doing it!
  3. Anyone know what's going on? I saw the first Rescue truck come down Nebo and pass Nebo Elem. going towards SPMS. Then, when I got home, I heard lots of sirens go by.
  4. We left Beef O' Brady's about 8:30 and saw about 4 SO cars go by us (going that way) with lights on.
  5. Thanks. At first I couldn't believe You had posted that because it didn't sound like something you would say but Hubby explained it to me. That would be hard to deal with. I wonder if most health coverage handles flights? I guess it's based on injury.
  6. Again, prayers for you. I do know how you feel in a lot of ways. Yesterday I found a "gift" ~ I was looking through pictures I had copied from my Son's computer and I found some new ones I hadn't noticed before. Best of all, I found some video clips of him in Iraq. It was SO good to hear his voice. Yes, it aches so badly and I just don't understand WHY. I'm not sure I ever will. I am able to be more engaged (in life, people,) now and for longer periods than when it was all "fresh." I know that it is something that I will learn to live with, but something I will never get over
  7. Rest in Peace, Tommy. Prayers for the family. May God give you his grace, comfort and peace tonight and in the days to come. He lived life to the fullest and brought laughter wherever he went.
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