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  1. Okay, stupid is back to ask.. What in the world does this mean? ^^^^
  2. I know y'all will call me stupid, and I dont care, but I am still trying to see where the "high crimes and misdemeanors" are as well as the quid-pro-quo I dont see it....or maybe I dont get it.
  3. Why are topics being posted to that are 6 years old? its hard enough to keep up with current topics
  4. FINALLY! Good gosh. I was beginning to lose interest
  5. mach4


    I have to ask (and I am serious) where is the "snide" in the reply?
  6. So, nothing has changed.?. Right? It's still going to be cut throat here. Is this what I am reading?
  7. Hon, clearly everyone here except for a few are definitely against every move the president makes
  8. I hope he wins in 2020 so I can watch you and Pubby squirm
  9. Yes, But the one doing the telling should be good at it
  10. Just wait. Rudolph will be next. Libtards will say its full of Bullying! lol
  11. Pubby, once again you took a whole page of writing to say absolutely NOTHING, I dont watch stupid movie clips, song clips, or so you think you can dance clips either. get to your point, say what you want, and leave out the stupid paragraphs of NOTHING and your clips
  12. Acosta didnt get anything near the treatment Major Garret and his family received under Obama. Not one person here said a freakin word when that happened. Acosta is an attention lover
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